March 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!!!! 💩

Finally got around to posting. My BOC contained:

1 woot reusable bag
1 Captain America Civil Was - Winter Soldier costume, child size (neighbor’s son loves it)
1 Deneve Loofa back scrubber (wife loves it)
1 fitbit charge cover - blue
1 fitbit charge cover - skulls
1 pad woot post-its (already in use at work)
6 WeGlow International Light up Crystal Snowman Fiber Wand. 3 work. (neighbor’s kids love them)
1 BestForMyPets Tick Twister (works on humans too)
1 NPW NEON crayons
1 NPW Projector Torch (flashlight with projection disks)
1 AriaClaire All natural Naked Face Makeup Remover (ummm… it’s just a rag)
1 Screeming WOOT Monkey (added to my collection of over a dozen)
3 Furivy Insulation Sticker/screen protector for iPhone 6 (phone decorations)
2 TechArmor Screen Protector 3-pak for Kindle Fire HD (perfect fit for wife’s Kindle)
1 OGK Tech clearcase _ protection film for iPhone 6 (fits wife’s iphone 7 perfect)
1 Kakadu pet 48" leash (in glovebox of truck. Always good to have one if you run across a stray)
1 bag Pepperlonely 17mmx16mm wooden beads (given to son who makes jewelry as a hobby)
1 premium tempered glass screen protector for Galaxy Note4 G
1 Crestware SAF-T-STACK stainless steel 6" deep pan (great for washing car parts in solvents)
1 Marvel Agents of SHIELD complete second season on BluRay

Very happy with the haul. Many useful items.


I have been blessed with a bounty of crapulence over the years and I’m finally getting around to posting my glorious disappointment with my March haul. I’m quite late posting this as I’ve been in therapy the past couple of weeks or so dealing with the PTCD (post traumatic crap disorder).

All hail to the Gods of Woot Misfortune!!!

  • Denver Broncos head and wrist bands (6-10 3rd in AFC West … meh…)
  • University of Utah Regulation Bean Bag Set (GREAT - now I have to build a cornhole board to go with these…google it, plebes…)
  • Book - There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey (THX - now I’m hungry…)
  • Woot Post Its (I did NOT invent these…)
  • Winter Fairy Costume (no additional comments necessary…)
  • 2 High Visibility Vests (one of them in size 5X - I’m not hungry anymore…)
  • Coinhole game (I guess someone at Woot being clever thinking I might be able to use this with my University of Utah Regulation Bean Bag Set…)
  • Screwdriver Set
  • Woot Bag (oddly enough - held all of the items I received…)
  • Weekly Planner (there’s an entry now for each day that says ‘throw out crap’…)
  • 2 Books - How to Catch an Elf (spoiler alert - it doesn’t work - still no elf…more disappointment!)



Oh, I think we can come up with a ton of comments.


I’m having difficulty properly picturing this item. A visual aid in the form of someone, be it human, four-legged, or inanimate, modeling the costume would be most helpful.


I feel like the luckiest virgin BOC recipient. I made a list of the items I received minus the cellphone armband that my sister stole.
Woot bag
Woot Post It notes
San Francisco T-shirt
San Francisco buttonup shirt
Colored pencils
Fishing lures
1 polka dot plate
1 pack of paper plates
LED lights
Precision Screwdriver Set
2 pairs of athletic socks
Cellphone armband
2XL yoga pants
Elgato HD60 Pro


“Oh my fur and whiskers! I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!”

Sorry so late! Here’s my awesome March haul:

  • Woot Bag
  • Woot Post-Its
  • Kids prisoner costume
  • Mr Butler organizer
  • Ducks travel mug
  • Arrosta coffee grinder
  • Ear guards
  • Parachute cord
  • iPhone 5 case
  • KVM cables
  • Motion sensor light
  • KC Royals dog sweater - small
  • BKHC Headset with mic
  • EarTaps wireless earbuds

Thank you Woot!

If I could ask a favor…My pit Amber has surgery on Thursday to remove a thyroid tumor from her neck. Please cross your paws for her.


If it’s actually in the box and workable, that’s a pretty good haul, they’re worth a lot.


Absolutely. I hope she gets better very soon.


Sure will, and Popcorn will too. (although I was getting the “why aren’t you letting me sleep look”)


Why have I never had a dog named Popcorn?

Please give all the puppers lots of belly rubs.


That face! :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:



It was my first time, I should have know better than to believe all the hype…it was awkward and uncomfortable (explaining to my mother that I wasted 10 bucks on the crap that poured out of the cardboard box).

I got:
A stupid paper bag.
Tiny misshapen X-mas stocking ornaments
Two! light-up phone arm bands. As if I want to attract that much attention when I run. (let’s pretend I run)
A spectacularly cheap bubble level.
A Seattle Seahawks bowling shirt of such good quality that I feel bad not caring about the team. Damn you American made quality!
A lego knock-off that is just a little to cheap to proudly give as a gift.
School scissors to remind me of how I suffered in my childhood, thanks a lot for that.
A really big Star Wars shirt that I can’t use.
A Woot pen of questionable morals.

Overall an emotionally scarring experience.


Welcome to the world of BoC!

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How did Amber’s surgery go?


I recall this too and was explaining how it works to my husband, he’s a non-wooter. It was hard enough to explain how many get BOC’s and how it works, I gave up going on about the rest.

We used to sit at work and do woot-off’s and a couple people had some really awesome stuff. This was before Amazon bought Woot I think (not 100% positive but pretty sure).

I was hoping for some big boc luv since I’ve not ever had the luck to get this over all the years I’ve known about it but I’ll be good either way. It is for fun and if you get something great, then all the better.

It made my day since I was sent a decline letter to the nursing program today (for this year, but I’ll be back applying next year!)…couldn’t have happened with better timing (other than getting BIG Woots, but little woots will be cool too, right?.. RIGHT?!)

In crap and stuff,

Crappy CDBeee


It is when “letters” are sent out. Too many people got them, received the goods and never posted to show their appreciation. In retaliation, Woot now only sends out letters with regular bags of crap on select holidays and their birthday.

BOO you inconsiderate letter receivers!


Sorry I am late to post, lotsa things happening at once.

  • Woot Grocery Bag
  • Woot Sticky Pad Notes (wife is already using the garbage stickys on everything in my office)
  • Fanastic Beasts Book
  • The Office Worlds Best Boss Mug
  • Phone stickers
  • x3 Phone Case
  • PopSocket
  • Kindle Screen Guard ( now I need to get a Kindle to use them)
  • Vikings Bowling Shirt (very nice quality, wish it was for my team)
  • BB8 shirt, size womens
  • iPad Screen Guard
  • x2 Silicon Mens Wedding Rings (very nice, I needed these)
  • Planner
  • Notebook
  • Hotel Brand Clock Radio

And the awesome item:
New Orleans Saints Slippers in size 12 - WOOT WOOT !!!

The amount of joy I get when opening a $10 box of unknown stuff brings me priceless health benefits!

Thanks TT, and WootStaff! You all are the best!

Maggie is mad she didnt get a woot monkey to kill.


Late posting–travel interfered with our sharing of the disappointment earlier

From the top:

  • Planet-projecting mini flashlight thingy (maybe we’ll give it to the after-care director for a bingo prize–or send it to the daughter in college)
  • Half sphere of floral arranging foam (this…might be useful for something at some point!)
  • Coconut ukulele (how did you know we like music–the better to disappoint us with a party prop; the real frets got us excited, but the fishing line strings made us realize just how sad it is)
  • ETA: Woot post-it notes (cool!)
  • Woot bag (always coveted)
  • Boise State polo shirt (we are on the East Coast; still, the FIL would get a kick out of it if it weren’t a medium; donate?)
  • Girl’s vampire costume (still figuring out a home for this one)
  • Peppa Pig Halloween book (probably wind up in a book drive for the elementary school or with its aforementioned after care director as a prize)
  • 2x Shopkins bead art kits (fated for a toy drive, assuming we can find them in six months!)
  • Ball of hair loops (two long-haired women in the house + ability of hair loops to disappear = not as disappointing as you might think!)

Thanks, Woot!


Here are pictures of the dog dressed up in the easter outfit I got with the BoC


Absolutely adorable. Please give your pupper lots of treats and pets and rubs and pats and snuggles.

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