Marché aux Delices Black & White Truffle Butter

Marché aux Delices Black and White Truffle Butter 2-Pack
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Marché aux Delices Black Truffle Butter, 8 oz. Container
Marché aux Delices White Truffle Butter, 8 oz. Container

So glad to see this again! I lost my truffle butter stash to Hurricane Harvey–

Great stuff! Pick some up every time it is offered. In for two.

When will this ship? I may be out of town depending upon the dates.

What is the use by date on this? Thinking it might make a nice Christmas present, but not if it expires in the next month or so.

In the freezer it’s good for years; no need to worry.

Same question here, also what shipping method, as I may need to arrange for someone to retrieve it if it comes while I am away.

Is there an ingredients list?

How is the item shipped to prevent melting/spoilage?

Years? I think not. It’s almost artichoke season again and it’s always steak season so I figure it will last 3 maybe 4 months :slight_smile:

Nothing quite like a food product with no ingredient list! Especially on “truffle” products since almost all products with truffle in their name, like Truffle Oil or Truffle Butter, don’t contain any truffle at all.

The last time I ordered this it came in a Styrofoam container with an ice gel pack inside.

These contain truffles; see the ingredient lists here: Truffle butter

Truffle butter

Hi there, let me tell you, this is an EXCELLENT holiday gift. It fits into most Christmas stockings. Also works well as a hostess gift (and lasts longer than a bottle of wine!). It ships frozen, so pop it in your freezer until gifting day. Good for 18 months (conservatively) in freezer, and 6 weeks (ditto) if refrigerated.

That’s the formula; it works so we continue shipping that way. We use Fedex - you know your local delivery guy/gal, so leave instructions for him/her. In torrid climes, the butter may soften during shipping. No worries! Just freeze it. The high butterfat content assures the integrity of this highly flavorful product no matter how many defrosts/refreezes you cycle it through.

So sorry to hear that. We hope this little pick-me-up adds a special touch to your holidays!

Hahhaha - we would be SO busted if ingredients weren’t on the label. Last we heard, truffle butter wasn’t on prison menus :). The link to ingredients is elsewhere in this chat room.