Marché aux Delices Black & White Truffle Butter

I see a roasted chicken with morel mushrooms and truffle butter in my future! Love this stuff!

…and there are so many ways to enjoy truffle butter in that sandwich season. Baked free-range eggs topped with Black; Cauliflower, Chestnut, or Squash soup with swirls of White; Zebra mussels steamed with a knob of black; mélange of chanterelle, hedgehog, and yellowfoot garnished with Black; Croque Monsieur; Brussels Sprouts, Proscuitto-and-White-Stuffed ravioli; soup dumpling-inspired White wontons. Just to get things started…

Take a gander at this side-by-side cut of two brands. (guess which one is Aux Délices des Bois).

We’ll include recipe suggestions, just in case you have any leftover truffle butter!

I’m pretty picky when it comes to truffle products that aren’t, well, truffles. No use for oil at all, some salts are ok, but this is a nice product. Matter of fact going to throw a dollop of the black butter on some lamb rib chops/fresh pasta/brussels sprouts tonight

Sorry to post again about shipping, but what happened to the reply from earlier?

It’s still there

Edit…sorry, you’re right it’s gone. Thought it said targeting 17th or 19th but maybe as early as 15th…maybe something changed?

All I can see is the quote of my question. There’s no response underneath.

Sorry about that! We expect to ship mid next week, so that you’d receive it by Friday, 11/17.

Thanks! I’ve been using this for years–good stuff!

We shoulda come to your house…yumm!