Marché aux Delices Grilling Butter (4)

Marché aux Delices Gourmet Grilling Butters 4-Pack
$31.99 $44.00 27% off List Price
(1) - Black Truffle Grilling Butter, 3.5 oz. Tube
(1) - White Truffle Grilling Butter, 3.5 oz. Tube
(1) - Herbs Meyer Lemon Grilling Butter, 3.5 oz. Tube
(1) - Smoky Barbecue Grilling Butter, 3.5 oz. Tube

$32 for less than a pound of butter?

You forgot it is “Gourmet Butter” and the name is French, so that is worth $20/pound IMHO. So then the butter is only $12 per 14 ozs, much better deal. [\sarcasm]


Truffels are expensive… And worth the price to a lot of people! I’m fine mushing some blue cheese into my butter and plopping that on my steak though

There is a reason people are buying this stuff, it’s really good. I buy the black and white truffle butter locally. And bought this from woot last time to try others. All yummy.

How long will this cellar for? :wink:

Actually, how long can we keep these? In either fridge or freezer?

Sadly, I don’t grill as much lately, but will probably do more after Memorial Day.

Per the company rep from the same sale in August:

“Hi there, hope I can clarify for you. The high butterfat content of these four products means that even if they arrive warm and soft, they’ve retained their flavor and texture. You can pop them in the freezer for up to 18 months, and slice off divots as needed. The butters won’t be harmed by multiple freezing/defrosting cycles. They’re good for six weeks in the fridge. We ship in a cooler with ice pack, which suffices even though the butter could soften up on the front porch.”

And I use them and refreeze all the time. No troubles at all.

They say 18 months in the freezer, and that is conservative - I’ve kept some of the truffle butter (forgotten) for longer than that. And it can be thawed and re-frozen repeatedly.

It also lasts in the fridge for at least as long as regular butter.

Hey, sorry to hear about everyone’s disinterest in these compound butters! We plead guilty on the French accent- but these butters are all-American, with flavors inspired by our French heritage. As finishing - not saute - butters, they make great shortcuts for weeknight meals. No chopping, simmering, or dialing for dinner required. Truffles ARE pricey, at hundreds of dollars per pound. Although these are called Grilling Butters, a little disk of exquisiteness transforms any hot food to an ethereal event.
Passover Lamb with White Truffle Butter…Easter scalloped potatoes with Black Truffle Butter…Mother’s Day eggs with herb flecked butter, served in bed…Memorial Day and Spicy Barbecue Butter isn’t far off.

So, 'nuff promo, let’s get down to basics. The butters keep for 18 months frozen, about six weeks in the fridge. They can be defrosted and refrozen without sacrificing one iota of integrity. We produce them in PA Amish country, using cultured, high fat creamery butter.

Y’all missed that MdS :wink: didn’t ya…
Can I butter up my Apple with this? :tongue:

Just a hint for your publicity department – Passover Lamb with butter, no matter how deliciously truffled, is a non-starter. At least for a major segment of the people who celebrate Passover.

In for one. Been waiting for the truffles to come around again, and the other two look to be of interest.

Not to mention – a 1/2 lb package of a “european-style”, US-made butter (e.g. Plugra, a widely available brand), runs somewhere between $3.50 to $5 in stores in my area, and I’ve seen it for quite a bit more on line.

This butter here is made in small batches (according to the statement from the vendor), and is blended with expensive ingredients. From that perspective, the price for this product does not seem outrageous.

Came here for this. First comment, too.

We are foodies at our house and these are fabulous and well worth the price. Hope this offer comes back again.