Marché Noir Pasta Caberneti 4-Pack

Marché Noir Pasta Caberneti 4-Pack
$16.99 (Normally $34.00) 50% off List Price
(2) Caberneti Rotini,12 oz package
(2) Caberneti Fettuccine, 12 oz package

This stuff is great! And it doesn’t turn slimy grey like the squid-ink black pasta.

Maaaan, black pasta and white wine. Not my day :slight_smile:

It looks really good, but it’s really high in calories and carbs…deal breaker for me :frowning:

So there is no squid ink in this?

I’m in this time after checking with the wife last time if she would be interested.

Now bring on the salted caramels while I have free shipping unlocked.

Nope, no squid ink.

Previous Offer.

I haven’t tried mine yet but can tell you that it ships via Smart Post so don’t expect to receive this for at least 2-3 weeks. Fortunately the pasta arrived in good condition, I was worried that it might get a bit busted up on the long, slow journey.

“Last Purchase: 2 minutes from now”

Huh? lol

I could get these to make black and gold macaroni-n-cheese for a Steelers tailgate, or a Penguins game if they ever end the strike :frowning:

Hope they bring on the truffle butter, I’m actually starting to get low. A two pack of the white, please :wink:

This pasta with a little melted truffle butter is the best. Actually had that for lunch today :slight_smile:

It did take a while for this to arrive, but it is good. I was surprised that the pasta doesn’t turn its cooking water a dark color, but that means all the wine stays in the meal. It’s a good foil for veggies, like in a primavera, and it also goes with stir-fried meats. I haven’t finished my last batch, but I very tempted to buy another.

Oh the pasta is more of a dark purplish brown, instead of black.

Eww. It’s more Browns colored anyway.

omg pleeeeeeeeease salted caramels… I have been praying all day for those!

Ditto. And if you could do it soon, that would be swell, since I have to take the kid to a school function this evening.

It’s pasta what do you think?
I’m with you watching the calories, and pasta is like 200 per oz

Fruit Bomber coming up

went to Brandini’s place Friday, you would love it. great people, spent a small fortune ther, but stocked up at 20% off and a free toffee shake.