Marché Noir Pasta Caberneti (4)

Marché Noir Pasta Caberneti 4-Pack

$18.99 (+$5.00 shipping)

2 Caberneti Rotini,12 oz.
2 Caberneti Fettuccine, 12 oz.

Previous offer:

the wine rack is full, but I’ll give this a shot.

This wine pasta is delicious! You may never go back to the bland old pastas again.

Last Wooter to Woot:

I was just going to post saying that you better buy this after your comment yesterday.

Thank you woot, for two things…

  1. Bringing this back and having a quality non-wine item!
  2. For emptying my already barren wallet in a matter of 10 minutes between the Wellington Syrah and this. My back thanks you for the lighter wallet :wink:

If you haven’t had this, it’s the best non-homemade pasta ever!


Hah… I didn’t even bother to comment first, just bought… Wish I could buy more than 3 :frowning:

More expensive than Rustichella D’ Abruzzo.

Better be good.

That sold me.

Yay! I’ve been wanting to try this since I saw a mention of wine pasta on a recipe site - and now I can! Glad to hear it has pretty good taste reviews, too. :smiley:

I hesitated the first time I saw this b/c of the price. I mean I can get a decent box of pasta on sale for 99cents. But it’s totally worth it.

Melt a little White Truffle Butter on it and you’ll be in pasta heaven…

BTW, how come this can’t be gifted? Was hoping to send some to my parents…

Any good recipes to share? I bought this last time and still haven’t used it because I don’t want to waste it with the wrong sauce. I’d spring for more if I knew the best way to prepare. I’m sharing with my wine loving SIL.

thinking about this, esp since I have a free shipping coupon about to expire.

Anyone have any tried recipes?


This is really good pasta. I’m not sure, but I think that the bakery that makes it (Blackmarket Bakery, in Irvine CA) also sells wine flour which can be fun to cook with as well (well, I know my wife has gotten it there before, but I don’t know if they usually sell it).

Ill try it. I see that it was cheaper back in January when it was offered (by $2.00) now ill have to track down some good recipes to try it with!

I’ve just tossed it lightly with some really good olive oil and some freshly shaved parmesan and thought that it was excellent that way.

You can buy 12 packages of the spaghetti for $9 from, so this is a terrible price. This is $4.75 a 12oz package and that is under a dollar.

I can satisfy my wine jones and still get it shipped to my state!

In for one set!


And here’s the rotini, same price as the spaghetti: