Marché aux Delices Black & White Truffle Butter

Using Aux Délices des Bois Truffle Butters as a flavor-blasting finishing touch has been proven to increase your holiday entertaining prowess and up the elegance of simple hors d’oeuvres and mains. Recipe teasers here

Got another 2 pack in case this is the last time this is sold here :frowning:

Seriously, this is some of the best stuff ever. I buy as many as I can every time Woot has it. My local specialty grocer has it, but in tiny containers that are ridiculously expensive, and this is a much better value. The black truffle butter, especially, is just delicious. I spread it on rice crackers and eat it like a cheese spread. SOOOOO good.

Mmmm…I feel a light snack coming on! If you crave a variety of flavors, our Grilling Butters 4-pack is currently selling on Woot. Includes White Truffle Butter, Black Truffle Butter, Spicy Barbecue Butter, and Fines Herbes Butter.

Wow, I thought this was a great price, but then I went to Costco today. White truffle butter, with actual white truffles as an ingredient, from Urbani. $11.50 for an 8 oz tub.
If only they also had the black truffle…

Yeah, likewise. Can’t do an EOL buy, but these do freeze and keep well.

And hoping we’ll see these in a future life.

Thanks for the heads up Klez, since mine FINALLY arrived yesterday and was half melted, I need a new source!