Marché aux Delices Grilling Butter (4)

Let’s get buttered up for the holidays! This four-pack is churned with high fat butter, Euro style. Split 'em up for stocking stuffers. For the Euro-trendy, a White Truffle Butter. Earth mothers and fathers want to groove on Black Truffle Butter. For the backyard grill jockey? Hands down, Smokey Barbecue Butter. And the hapless cook will know Fines Herbes Butter comes to the rescue every time. Ships frozen, and re-freezes without losing its integrity.

A dollop of high fat butter turns grilled oysters into a quick 'n easy elegant meal. The White Truffle brings a mother lode of truffle flavor, with garlicky notes. But we alter the butter according to our whims (because we can!) - Black Truffle Butter, Spicy Barbecue Butter, or Fines Herbes Butter all fit nicely to different food moods. See the photo on Instagram : auxdelicesdesbois