Marché aux Delices Truffle Butter & Duck Fat (3)

Marché aux Delices Truffle Butter & Duck Fat (3)

Hey, new (and veteran) Duck Fat users! This is an all natural fat, with no additives. It has a super high smoking point, so use it when you want a really crispy, crunchy, coating on fried chicken or panko-dusted veggies. Duck fat brings a subtle flavor to seared foods - wild mushrooms, hash browns and potatoes. Use as a healthy-choice everyday saute fat, and incorporate it into pastry for the flakiest pie crusts around!

I still have some duck fat I rendered from my last duck bought from Aldi or I would have to give this some serious thought!

All this stuff is awesome good, but I’m still working on my last order;
and, I just got an half-pound of black truffles delivered today. Woot!

Good to see you and WD still making these offers available.