Marché Noir Pasta Caberneti 4-Pack

most appetizing picture ever.

Marché Noir Pasta Caberneti 4-Pack
(2) Caberneti Rotini, 12 oz package
(2) Caberneti Fettuccine, 12 oz package

What, no squid ink? What’s the point?

So… Squid ink does nothing for the flavor of pasta. Neither adds, or detracts from the flavor that is already there. Does Cabernet skin dust add anything to the flavor? Any notes from those that have had it?

It’s wine flour. Squid ink is so last decade!

I thought the same thing. Hopefully people will buy this anyway so we can get to the next offer. Maybe I shouldn’t say that on here.

At first glance I thought it was black licorice. But sadly, no.

Where does wine.woot list the shipping states on things these days? New layout seems to have lost that, even on the wine products.

I suspect this ships everywhere, but I prefer to be sure.

I have made drunken pasta or spaghetti all’ubriaco, where you cook the pasta in half water/half wine, (recipe here) and it was great! This would be much easier. It goes great with sausage and peppers, or peppers and onions, or anything you have on hand that’s edible. Deciding how much to buy…

I got this on a previous Woot and I like it. Yes, the wine flour does lend a different flavor to the pasta, but it’s pretty subtle. I made the fettuccine in a pasta primavera recipe from the pasta maker’s website and it was really good. I still have the rotini waiting around for another day.

Best damn pasta this side of a little old ladies home in Italy!

They relegated it to fine print on the bottom of the page. (The deal’s page, not wine.woot.)

Thanks, I was able to locate it on one of the past deals, no longer a UL list, but paragraph form, it kinda blends into the other copy for me.

But now I know.

Will this help me level up on my wine snob friends?

I think the stats are +1 against wine snobs, +2 against foodies.

Ohhhh, black spaghetti - just in time for Halloween. Maybe black tomato sauce next?

Would be great to see some gourmet licorice here!!!

Ok. I bought one. Next item please.

Wonder if just adding red wine to the sauce wouldn’t achieve the same taste?