Marco Wall-Mount Wine Storage Unit

Marco Wall-Mount Wine Storage Unit
$34.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Marco Wall Mount Wine Storage Unit



Well, I have no need to store wine since I don’t drink it, but my mind immediately went to “Hmm, I wonder if you can put vases filled with flowers or river rocks and long stem candles in them to make an elegant wall piece?”

Note: the manufacturer cannot be held liable if product is animated by Beetlejuice and used to restrain you during his wedding.

wow! i had to look twice since this looked like a funky t-shirt design and i thought i was looking at shirt.woot lol

i like this… it’s funkyyyy

It’s kind of cool, in a twisted kind of way :slight_smile:

I’m in the same boat…except I started thinking if it could be used to hold books.

I need some wine storage, but a 5-bottle holder won’t cut it unless I order 40 of the things.

But it does look neat.

This whole thing is held up by a single screw in a drywall anchor. I would think twice about using this unless you can anchor this to a stud. If somebody wants to chime in to prove me wrong, please do. I am very interested in this, but none of my wall studs are where I want this to go.

Looks like this will be up a while . . .

Would be awesome if there was a 30 minute timeout on woot-off products …hint, hint,. hint :wink:

you could use toggle bolts for support where you don’t have studs. also use toggle bolts as support wherever the rack touches the wall. place them underneath and leave the screw out just enough to rest the rack on. in addition to any official existing screw points

I bought questionable jerky. Someone else step up and buy this neat-o looking, but over-priced rack. Please. thank you

I’d like to nominate this as a quality post…and second that thought…for non-wine items

Well I wouldn’t use this. The cheap bottles of wine I keep on my counter for drinking throughout the week and my expensive bottles that are saved for special occasion I wouldn’t dare keep in that position or in the light.

this will slow down the woot off. only at 2 this woot off, but they were BOTH very good deals.