Marcy Fitness Machines

Not a bad price for the rowing machine…unfortunately, while the reviews I found gave it pretty solid marks, they also said its size wasn’t a great choice for anyone more than 6 feet tall (“You may find the beam isn’t sufficient to complete a full drive …i.e., the pull back,” noted…

It’s $10 less on Amazon and if you got Prime, you got free 2 day delivery.

Having rowed on a lot of different machines, there’s a reason Concept 2 is tops. Everyone I know who bought something else ends up upgrading anyway if they stick with it. The angle on this one looks odd too.

a quick google search found it available at sears cheaper.

It looks like shipping is $35, though.

I can get it $10 less at Amazon… so why buy it here?

I bought one from here in February 2015. The resistance magnet broke off within 2 weeks. I’ve been trying to get a replacement part from Impex ever since. My last communication said that the part has been delayed until June :-\