Marcy Upright & Recumbent Bikes

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I know this is a stretch, understandable, butt, are these bikes any good? Seem like a deal to anyone?

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Here are amazon reviews.

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I won’t lie. I clicked on it for the pics.

The 709 isn’t a deal. It’s 160 usually, and it’s 134 at walmart.

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I bought one of these upright bikes a few woots ago, and I am not impressed. Cheap parts fall apart – pedals, screws, etc. even the bar connecting the seat to the body of the bike started to go. All of this is after pretty light use (I’m not especially heavy and I was only using it 1-2 times a week for about 5-6 weeks.)

It’s not especially comfortable to sit on, and if you are taller than 5ft 10in, you might have issues with the height of the seat – and the higher you are, the more it wobbles and the more it is subject to wear and tear (which I mentioned, can be a big problem). The magnetic component is slightly lopsided in some way, so that in each rotation of the magnetic component in the body, there are spots with slightly more or less resistance. The pedals are also shaped in an odd way and the straps don’t stay strapped, so your feet might fall out.

Now, when I got this one, it was pretty darn cheap. Cheap enough that I expected it to be, well, cheap. And it is. Know that when you buy this, suck it up because you can’t afford a good bike, and it’s adequate. But it’s not going to be more than adequate.

You can contact them for replacement parts, and they’re pretty good about it, but it was a bit of a run-around until I got the right person. Assuming you are like me, you’d be contacting to get customer service for this.

Looked too good to be true…

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Cheaper on the mothership with prime for model 708

I bought an older version of the 709 about 6 years ago and it’s held up well over the years. I’m a pretty big guy and it handles my size well enough.

The price here is $50 less than I paid for it years ago, but the photo makes it look like the frame and handles are made of smaller gauge steel pipes.