Mare di Vetro Aglianico Italian Red (6)

Mare di Vetro Aglianico Italian Red 6-Pack
Sold by: AW Direct
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2015 Mare di Vetro Aglianico, Italy

Wish I could have been “International Chip” for this offer. Any Grape Debaters out there? Been awhile since I had an Aglianico, don’t remember much about it.

Am growing and selling it to amateur winemakers in Texas. Deep inky color, good structure and acids considering the heat, great with cheese or steak. In for one.

“Once I had a wine and it was a gas
Soon turned out was a Sea of Glass …”

I look forward to the return of international chip. The intrigue, the mystery, the sweaty palms and heavy breathing. All is expected and welcomed.

Are these wines bottled in Italy, or is the wine shipped to the U.S. and bottled here; and, if the latter, is it shipped here in plastic or stainless steel? [Hint: Don’t take the chance that it was shipped in plastic, thus filling the wine(s) with cancer-causing neurotoxins and plastic taste; ONLY buy foreign wines bottled where they originated and that were shipped and sold here in those same bottles; and if the seller doesn’t plainly say on the webpage and/or the bottle’s label where they were bottled, don’t buy them either (unless of course you like carcinogenic neurotoxins and plastic taste in your wine{s})—yes, stainless steel is made with nickel, a poisonous heavy metal, but very little of it, compared to the amount of neurotoxins from plastic, probably leaches out of the steel into the wine, though it may impart somewhat of a metallic taste to the wine, still probably (far?) less so than the plastic taste imparted to the wine by plastic wine shipping containers.]

I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this here or not, but I get a quite good, as far as I’m concerned, affordable 2012 Malbec from Argentina that clearly says (and/or at least claims?) on the label that it was bottled in Argentina and then shipped to the U.S., and it is called, “Red Diamond” (watch out, there is another Red Diamond of the same label that is a U.S.-sourced wine, which I don’t know anything about, or if it is any good or not).

Looks as if the bulk wine is shipped here then bottled in the US

Source? Where are you getting that from?

I’d be interested in knowing the answer as well, but one does wonder about the appelation “Italy”. The description says the grapes are from Puglia, but the wine doesn’t carry that regional designation. One would think they would have put it on the label, if it were available to them.

Sorry for the late reply.

The rear label states:

“Cellared and bottled by AWD Cellars, Santa Rosa, CA - Wine of Italy imported by A W Direct, Santa Rosa, CA.”

So to me this indicates they bought/imported bulk wine from Italy, cellared (stored) the wine at their Santa Rosa location and then bottled the wine.

Thanks, that’s what I thought was probably the case. So, forget this wine and/or any other wine that isn’t bottled where it originated from.