Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker

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Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker
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Margaritaville" reflected Parker and Stone’s belief that most Americans view the economy in the same way as religion, in that it is seldom understood but seen as an important, elusive entity. The Margaritaville blender featured in the episode serves as a metaphor for American consumerism, as well as the housing bubble.

We have this machine…we got it for a wedding gift. I think it’s AWESOME! It’s super easy to use and it’s always a hit at parties. It’ll end up costing you a fortune in tequila though, because everybody’s all of the sudden a margarita drinker when you throw this thing on the table. Definitely makes better frozen margaritas than our blender ever did…I recommend it, 100%! Really great restaurant style frozen consistency. I had no idea how much they cost, but I would have thought more than $150. If I had to come up with 1 con, it would be that if you fill it up to high, it can be a little “splashy”, but just keep it on a towel if your table can’t handle a couple drips of delicious frozen margaritas!

I agree 100%. My wife and I got our margaritaville for a wedding gift. She rolled her eyes when I put it on the registry and called it a blender on steroids, but it has changed our summer afternoons. You don’t even need great tequila for awesome drinks. We just follow the recipe they provide and buy their cheap brand of tequila and mix and it comes out great. Now we find our selves trying and comparing margaritas at different restaurants. Some are good, but now our homemade ones are always good and usually comparable to $15 drinks.

The machine itself is real easy to clean. It disassembles into a few pieces that are easy to wash and reassemble.

Couple con’s. It’s huge. We are unable to store this anywhere in the kitchen. Probably because our cabinets are old and useless. But it’s probably the largest of all our small appliances.
Also our ice cube trays produce huge cubes that don’t blend efficiently. This isn’t a big deal, we just run the machine a little longer. When we have a party and we are using store bought bags of ice, the cubes are smaller and there is no issue.

Overall it’s a great item to have. If ours broke down, we’d get another within a week. Don’t knock it until you try one.

This machine is awesome! The beach house we rented at the outerbanks had one and it was used heavily for the week. It was very easy to use and clean.

I have one of these, it works great.
It’s big and takes up a lot of counter top space, but it will take anything you throw at it. Much better than a blender.

Just got one yesterday as a wedding gift. I have not used it yet, but a friend in college had one and we wore the thing out.

The best thing I remember about it is the consistency of the ice. Very very smooth and you are not choking on ice chunks.

Does this one come w/the pitcher or is it just the machine? It says no easy pour jar. Is that the pitcher you make the drink in?

Why does it say “No Easy Pour Jar And No Mixing Tool” under specs???

Morning all. It definitely comes with the Mixing pitcher. We’ll update the specs to eliminate the confusion.

If you wore it out making drinks I’m surprised you can recall anything!

But, finally, something that does seem useful for it’s intended purpose.

Stan Marsh approved

In the specs it says “Item model number DM1500” and below that it says “In the Box:
•(1) Margaritaville DM1000-000-000 Margaritaville Key West Frozen”

Is it DM1500 or DM1000?

haha I can always recall the 1st pitcher. It’s the next 2 or 5 where things get hazy.

It’s the DM1500. Sorry about that.

One thing to know, the battery is awful. It lasts about a year, then only can do a single batch befor its dead. This means a battery replacement at around $60. Rather then replacing the battery, I hacked the battery and rebuilt it to work with a power cord (you could also replace the battery cells if you’d prefer battery operation). In reality, I found myself using Waaaaaaay more at a home I was visiting then a beach, so a cord comes in handy.

Otherwise, excellent machine, great price, and tons of fun (you’ll always get an invite if you bring this and the tequila).

Pretty sure this one is a plug in model not battery powered