Margaritaville Key West Frozen Concoction Maker

Margaritaville Key West Frozen Concoction Maker
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perfect for my parents i’m in!

I have to say, I saw one of these in operation at a tailgate I went to. WOW!!! Impressive to say the least! And the margarita I had was fantastic!

I’ve had one for 4 years now. I bought it refurb from a local Tuesday Morning store. It hits the kitchen counter about May and doesnt leave except to go in the camp trailer for trips or back into storage in Sep. We use the shit out of it and love it. We premix our sugar free baja bob margarita mix with tequila and leave in a container in the fridge. I fill pitcher up with mix to a mark i made with a sharpee on pitcher, put in just enough ice in top so it runs out during the end of shaving process, push the button and it makes the perfect margarita batch every time. No brainer. The padded bag is great for storage and has tons of room for packing salt and mix in it with the blender

Same model? Why are there different models of this? Is there a difference?

I thought it was for making margaritas.

I guess to each his own.

Do you use ice with it, or do you put salt on the rims of glasses to complement the taste?

Yeah, the differences are corded and cordless, then colors, then the fancier ones with multi drink capability at same time Etc. This would be the base model and what I have.

Yes I salt rims and top with lime slice

I’ve had one of these (Bahama model) for a few years and it’s great!

There are different features among the models. This the “step up” model from the Bahamas, which is the most basic. The more expensive ones can mix multiple drinks (different pitchers of course) or dispense drinks for you.

Looks like this is actually the step-up from the step-up model since it comes with the accessory kit as well.

Good deal since Margaritaville is offering the same one for $259. Free shipping and an extra pitcher on their site, but a much better deal on Woot.

Just watch it and laugh.