Marietta SAD Desk or Table Lamp



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I bet these would be helpful when trying to work in the dark!


I’m wondering what kind of bulb the lamp uses - the flat kind or one that looks like an ott light.


I’d be willing to put money on it looking something like this.


It ships with a GU24 26W bulb.


No, you’d want to be very careful about using this in the dark; only when you first wake up and only for a limited amount of time. It’s intended to signal hormone producers in your body that it’s full daylight; those hormones regulate mood (in part), but they (partially) regulate your body clock, so you really don’t want to tell your body at 10PM that it’s full daylight, unless you’re trying to adjust to a night/swing shift/time zone change (which are some of the best uses for these kinds of lamps, actually).


Those poor, poor lamps. Someone should cheer them up.


Nervous about this woot. Frontgate has many good reviews, but a trend is that it is poorly made and bulbs are expensive. Plus it was discontinued. Never a good sign. Many of the positive reviews state they had to return the defective unit and or ask for replacement parts. Need to research more, but trending toward passing.


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They have straight styles, and curvy styles, I think that’s what they were trying to find out.


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nice one!


To let your read for yourself, this is the link to the page I think he’s referring to:

In general, GU24 bulbs can come in different shapes:

but yes, most come in the shape above that I could find for the “natural light” variety, like here:

and an explanation of GU24:

Finally, your government public service announcement regarding seasonal affective disorder. 2 links:

good night. Glad cowboydann is back. It was exhausting covering for him yesterday.

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[x] A Prairie Told Companion?

Man, I can go to bed now, happy that I’ve seen this list. Does that mean the lamps work by proxy, since I’m not sad anymore?


Does anyone know what this lamp is made of? I can see the base and the top is some kind of metal, but I can not tell whether the main part is wood or metal as well?


Was playing a TF2 Drinking game with the guys over at Deals.Woot. I Should be going to a concert next Friday, and we’ll see how I do this week. I gotta run the parts department bell to bell with a very minimalistic lunch minute. I figure I can stay up till 10:30 PST and still get enough sleep to function.


Are they sad because they’re not sponsored by PIXAR?


Why not just buy the bulb and put it in a lamp you already own?


Look at my links above in my post above and the 2 “pins” that serve as contacts for the bulb. You need a special lamp to put the bulb into. I certainly don’t have one of these kinds of lamps.


For any kind of light therapy you need a certain intensity of light and with light therapy units you typically have to be with in a certain distance to get that light intensity. The medical community recommends 10,000 lux. There is now way that such a low power lamp can provide you with 10,000 lux, plus it has a glass shade so the light that is produced is spread out and diffused, making the intensity even less.