Marin French Cheese 6-Pack

Got these last time they were up. One for me and one for a gift.

Haven’t found one yet we didn’t like.

this is great cheese; highly recommend!

Discussion during prior Wooting:

Will this be shipping anytime soon?

Wine.woot shipments take a bit longer than shipments from our other sites. Allow at least 2-3 weeks.

The FAQ:

How long is shipment going to take?
You should get your wine in 2-3 weeks, often sooner. We know the wait is kind of a drag. But it’s still gonna taste good (maybe even better), and since we leave it to the wineries to get the wine to you, you can count on their experience to send their wine using their expert methodologies.

Just received mine today, according to the previous sale, these were supposed to ship with ice packs, But there were none in my package. My cheese was room temperature when I got home, as there was nothing on the box to indicate refrigeration was necessary, and I didn’t receive a shipping notification until after they were delivered, and my roommate just brought it in and left it on the table. So is this cheese going to be ok to eat?

hi, these shipped two day transit. you should be just fine. the freeze packs this time of year is a precautionary measure, but really not necessary. they should have been in there so i’ll check on that.

sorry for any concern this caused, but the cheese should taste great.