Mark of Fitness 7-Day Pedometer and Activity Monitor – 2 Pack

can you attach one to each foot and break it down by which leg stepped forward?

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Mark of Fitness 7-Day Pedometer and Activity Monitor - 2 Pack
$7.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 2 North Star Health AM-190 Mark of Fitness 7-Day Pedometer and Activity Monitor

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Why do I need two? I only have one heart?

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buy this and give one to your spouse and you use one. i try to get 10,000-13,000 a day and it does help when you want to do more steps than yesterday like a competition.

You need two because pedometers are prone to fall off while exercising. Actually, you need six for the same reason.

So basically for me and a friend to go, I’d need 12… but I can only buy 3 sets of 2, so that 6 will just have to do meaning we can only use it half as long as desired… correct?

The Overlords have it listed at 20$

There are free applications on Android/iOS that probably do better than these can. Especially not being able to interface and get the data into a usable format, I really see no reason to buy this. Sorry, still waiting to buy something recently, its been a month or too.

Pedometer on Wikipedia

Well i sit in front of my computer all day hitting f5 will it count that? :happy:

That’s what I’m doing!!

And for the record, I still count Pluto - otherwise it throws off the whole My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nine … thing. Nine what? See? You gotta’ have Pluto!

Two pedometers? Ped comes from the Latin word “Pedis” which means “foot”. So, am I getting two so I can have one for each foot?

There is one review for this pedometer on Buzzillions. It’s an ok review.

It might if you strap it to your wrist or around some fingers… That’d be some very hard keystrokes I think…

Isn’t that the point. That is how you motivate yourself.

With some slight modification, you could always turn this into a Hula-Hoop rotational counter…

Humm, website yes, but where is this device?
Discontinued perhaps?
They seem more interested in BP devices.

This is a bargain. I just bought one last month for $10.99 on ebay, and that was considered cheap. This is cheaper.

I haven;t seriously used it yet but my initial impression was that this accelerometer-based counter is no better than the old fashion pendulum kind. This new technology supposedly filters out movement unrelated to walking. That didn’t seem to be the case to me. In fact, this pedometer seems even more sensitive than some of my old pedometers. My test, however, was based on some hand shakes and a few steps. When it gets cooler, I will test it while simultaneously wearing a regular pedometer. I will then compare their results to a manual tallying.