Mark of Fitness MF-140 Chest Belt Heart Rate Monitor and Watch



Holy crap! My school, The University @ Buffalo, won a football game today!!! Temple is offically the worst NCAA D1 football team, not us.

(By the way, no matter Wootbot might say, I do not hate my fellow WOOTERS!)

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Mark of Fitness MF-140 Chest Belt Heart Rate Monitor and Watch

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    1 Mark of Fitness MF-140 Heart Rate Monitor


Ideal heartrate is 220 - Age.

What if it is negative?


Dont like the 90 day warranty.


chest strap? So you have to strap wires to your chest while you walk or run or while you sit and watch tv? :slight_smile:


The wrist one of these is good. Chest straps suck though. Check out the Mio.
Sharper Image sells it and it’s also on the web.


BizRate’s only got the MF-180… which is awesome, but not useful… unless you want one… in which case… go ahead.

Same thing on Sprenzy… aka the new hip shopping comparison site… not my fave yet… but promising start up.

Found a couple on MSN Shopping… for like $70.


I don’t think it’s horrible. My dad’s looking for a heart rate monitor. I’ve never heard of this brand, tho.


what does the chest belt look like?


Chest straps suck… I have a MIO Shape watch that works perfectly without chest straps and plust it keeps my calories burned. bought it for under $40 at local walmart. Heart rate monitoring is definately essential when working out. It lets you know your intensity and calories burned… especially when doing cardio.


I believe 220 - Age is your MAXIMUM heart rate, not necessarily ideal. If it’s negative… well yeah.


Great Woot!! Especially since all us wooters are fitness fanatics I’m sure.


And you are how old?


Actually it is 180-age=Target heart rate. Must have a lot of fatties on woot.


Stop your whining, you can at least spend $35 for your body! Unless you have OCD, this is good buy.


Can I use this while I swim? On the other hand, don’t want TOO much “water resistance”.


Well, it’s not perfect, and I shouldn’t be spending money, and I don’t like the three-month warantee…

But, woot! Now my cycling obsession is just so much closer to being a true healthy lifestyle keystone : p

Ah, the stuff I buy that I shouldn’t… : ) Thank you woot!


I have the Mark of Fitness BP cuff and have found it to be of good quality. This is exactly what I need when working out on the elliptical machine since the heart monitors built into the equipment are crap. Worth the Woot!


Don’t need this…if my wife found out my heart was still beating, she’d do something about it!!! :slight_smile: