Mark of Fitness MF-46 Auto-Inflate Blood Pressure Monitor


pricing for future reference

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product(s): 1 Mark of Fitness MF-46 Auto-Inflate Blood Pressure Monitor

$19.99 + $5 shipping


thump thump? (this is woot-related humor, if you manage to somehow not know what im talking about)

edit: wow, the minute after i post this, i notice that the podcast IS thump-thump… silly me


At least it auto inflates.


I was wondering if th- HNNNNNNNNNGH


Google Product Search to the rescue.


Mark of Fitness devices are rather durable. Have dropped previous units purchased from woot! Still working. But I like the red color.


Very nice. :slight_smile:


Not sure if I want to be reminded to lose weight.!? I know- more exercise and less food intake… got it.


Sellout Woot really does a lot of the fitness stuff, especially from this brand. Good luck finding a good product review of this stuff, however. I remember from trying to research the last one that there is sparse information about anything from these guys.


Good reviews and a great price!

Check out the reviews at Amazon ($35.64)


this type, with the cuff, is the most accurate. the height reletave to the heart is an important factor, and the finger type of unit is not good. been waiting for this one for a while, finally got one.
will use it to measure the efects of six pots of coffee.


i have been trained on a unit like this for my ski patrol and they are just as accurate as the cuff. never seen one this cheap though the cheap ones usualy go for tripple this


Wonderful! I’ve been waiting for one with an arm cuff. Looks good to me, so I’m buying.


Not a bad deal. Amazon reviews are good and priced at about $35.00. Plus, an ebay search showed one listed with a minimum of $19.00 starting bid and the buy it now prices were between $45.00 and $60.00. (Keep in mind that there were only 4 being sold on eBay at this time and I couldn’t find any completed auction data for this model.)


woot is starting to play god.
deciding who gets to die from speeding accidents or unmonitored blood pressure…
whats next? cyanide pills?


It somehow seems ironic to me to see a BP monitor that kinda looks like a steak…


In for one. I hope it is more accurate than the wrist one I got a few months ago. According to it, my wife wasn’t alive and I was having a heart attack!

Fortunately, neither was true.


Wow, w00t sure does sell a lot of blood pressure monitors. Evidently they think we might just expire while glued to our computers during a w00t-off…


Got mine today… Fast shipping!.. however it doesn’t blow into the cuff.
Darn it! It does set the date and time. It appears to be well made. Hello I feel my blood pressure rising… I just don’t know what numbers it is…