Mark of Fitness MF-75 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Mark of Fitness MF-75 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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New Mark of Fitness MF-75 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, for $19.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Mark of Fitness MF-75 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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Anyone that knows anything about medicine knows that ALL WRIST BP MACHINES ARE JUNK!!! Avoid this and every other wrist BP machine!!!
Regardless of price.


I have one of these and it works great. If I use it correctly and frequently it helps keep my blood pressure in check. My gave almost the same reading as the blood pressure cuff in the doctor’s office. I have had no problems.

woot’s sold this same one in the past for like $5 less. I blogged about it even. I won’t put the link though, you gotta find it yourself. Anyways. Back in November, this was a hot woot. I suppose with the summer coming, you might wanna get a monitor. I guess.

i work in the clinical engineering dept. (aka bio med) at a major hospital in northern Indiana and these are good for spot checking but they are not an accuracy device if you want accurate do it manually its the only REAL way to get a good reading. the range of error on these things are +/- 10% so if you are 120 over 80 it could read 132-108 over 88-72 and that is 100% within tolerance

better frugle

wow…didn’t know they made them that small!

might be good for those people with high bloodpressure during a wootoff…heh…


I bought a Mark of Fitness blood pressure monitor a few months ago, here on Sellout.Woot. It was a Mark of Fitness MF-46. It has a dark red face, and was also sold during a Woot-Off. It works really well if you use it correctly (don’t take several measurements less than a few minutes apart, and be sure to setup the monitor according to the manual - if you’re off by only one inch you can get bad measurements or poor performance). However the one I have is not a wrist blood pressure monitor, you have to setup a cuff around your arm, so the results might be different.

These devices can be useful even if you are perfectly healthy.
Example: some people can fall into unconsciousness in planes, because of a low blood pressure. Being aware of that before take off will allow you to better manage that low blood pressure condition and avoid a (benign) unconsciousness (drink a lot during the flight, don’t stand up too violently, and be careful 30mins-1h after eating).

You can also use these to measure your heartbeat rate after or during sports.

I have a BS in nursing… and i’m not BS’n you when I say a wrist cuff is used in many home health settings. It is a good indicator of a trend in your BP but the most accurate measurement is still to do it manually. I have a wrist cuff for my own use. It is good… a better choice than telling all your friends to go to Wal Mart to get their pressure done at the pharmacy. Mine is actually very accurate. that is all. carry on fine WOOTers.

I aint no doctor or nurse, but i do know they have these blood pressure monitor machines that are FREE in most commercial pharmacies and other places…

Why would i BUY something to replace the function of something i currently get for FREE. :wink:

However, i did have a girlfriend that was in nursing, and she told me that the free machines usually arn’t calibrated right and give off funny results. She also told me (just what ever other nurse here told everyone) that taking your pressure at the wrist is less accurate.


I get semi-regular checkups and i know i’m only a little high, and i think the free machines are good for me. But if you have a pressure problem, then i’m sure that what others are saying about doing it the proper way will be just fine.

It’s not like you should expect doctor quality results from anything that isn’t a doctor anyways…

I checked this against a arm band gauge, and they read the same

About half price of those at the pharmacy. More than woots had it before. But I’ve been wanting one… so I’m IN FOR ONE.

already got one. Works good

where do i get a manual???

Looks like the manual for the MF-81 is close enough. I was able to set the clock, etc. using that manual.

Bought the one they had on selloutwoot the other day. Works great. I’m in the health care industry. They use wrist monitors all the time. Of course our nurses also carry the older manual style, but most of our home health folks still use the wrist monitors. They are quick, easy to use and if you follow the directions in regard to placement in elevation to the position of the heart it will give accurate readings. For 25 bucks in your hands, you will save about half off retail. Though woot has sold this for five bucks less in the past.

So if I didn’t get an instruction sheet with mine, where do I get one? Yeah, I’m one of those more “mature” wooters that need the extra help!