Mark of Fitness Semi-Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor



Mark of Fitness Semi-Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
$12.99 + $5 shipping

1 Mark of Fitness Semi-Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor MF-34


I have the mark of fitness wrist version and like it very much. This one looks a little strange though.




I should probably get this considering my low blood pressure lately.


In for one. I’ll need it to monitor myself if I keep buying stuff online!


Maybe I should get this to monitor my blood pressure when I start receiving my credit card staments for Christmas.


will continue to use the wrist version. If you hit woot! at the right time can get it around the same price. Only uses 2 batteries, And automatic.


I’m always wary of things that are a bargain in the area of home medical instrumentation. I mean, if you are concerned about blood pressure, is a BP monitor something you want to bargain shop for?



Keep in mind you will inflate your results having to do the work of house elves pumping your own Blood Pressure pump.

Hold out for the electric one that wakes you when it’s done.


This isn’t actually too bad… its kinda cheap and a great way to monitor your BP


Yea i have to agree… its small and it looks like it would be easy to use


That actually points to some different blood pressure monitors from the same manufacturer. This thing is manually pumped and it seems to run around $25 retail (shipping would be additional), but its also hard to find.


I almost feel like buying it because of the crazy work that went into writing that description.


A dark room, A six pack, And a blunt more like it.




Here’s my two cents…I had a different brand totally automatic with wall plug. It pumped so slow it made me claustrophobic and took forever to inflate. Had to get rid of it. Also on the wrist ones, they are pretty good but not as accurate as the arm models. In for one…


Dang that was the best product description ever… I am still laughing :slight_smile:


Seems useful, and a good price.

However, to test yourself, would the act of pumping throw off your blood pressure reading? If so, you’d need someone’s help to do the test, or have to compensate for higher readings.


But my blood is not Semi-automatic! Can I still use the devise?