Mark of Fitness Semi-Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

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Mark of Fitness Semi-Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
$12.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Mark of Fitness Semi-Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor MF-34

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I’m going to hold out for the fully automatic BP monitor.

Are you trying to tell me something, Woot?

Why would you? You can go to a drug store and get it done for free!

this is… not looking good. even the last woot was better.

we need drugs.woot

Like Ambien man I cant sleep during times like these

good of you want something of the sort. i suppose.

This is for those of us that want to play… doctor

this guy could use one

I could use this with the quilty of the woot

i think a lot of wooters are going to need this after the servers crash and deny them their BOC.

i bought the 64mb sticks to help out
someone else buy this to get to the next

i read ‘semi- auto’ and my heart leapt. Then i read the rest and i thought about my great grandmother.

i prefer the blood pressure machine at Walgreens that tourniquets your arm automatically. you know, the one that parents leave their kids at as a babysitter.

First time I’ve been the first sucker.

Wife says no… next w00t please…

to make sure your healthy so your wife and use your light up balls at night