Mark of Fitness Semi-Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

wtf…will this thing even sell out?

I don’t want to know if I have high pressure! Of course I do, I missed the balls and sacks!!!

This should take a while, time for lunch.

If any BOC’s show up, grab 3 for me please.

Take it from an ER nurse, these are awesome, buy three!!!

now i am convinced that its senior nite at woot

Arm sizes 9 inches to 12.5 inches?

My guns pop at 18 inches, and they aren’t even that big. Anybody who works out wouldn’t be able to use this.

this will most likely be here for a while, unless someone just buys them for the heck of it, I doubt people w/ heart problems will be up this late. sigh

still not funny

Congrats! I have yet to pass that mark.

No, thanks. I carry my own sphygmomamometer with me at all times. Lemme just get another one. /sarcasm

I’m more of a lever-action BP monitor man myself. Like the old west style

try the “only” sucker

i’d like to try eating one of those burgers…

Too early to call that.

What is around his arm?

…whoops… the “buy three” guy

someone’s awake at woot. comments have been deleted for the first time in 2 hours.

what is going on? why are there so many woots???
i dont even know if im getting a good deal or getting pimped by woot