Mark of Fitness Wristwatch Blood Pressure Monitor



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Mark of Fitness Wristwatch Blood Pressure Monitor
$15.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Mark of Fitness MF-81 Wristwatch Blood Pressure Monitor

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seen this before… loved it then… it’s pretty good now too… check useful linkage for comparison shopping info… plenty of goodness tonight.


Anyone have any idea of how accurate these are?


How accurate is this thing?


Work very well. Know of many who use them in the hospital for quick vital readings.


I’m a pretty big dude with big arms (yeah, I’m yoked), is the band a one size fits all type of deal?


I wooted the last blood pressure monitor (it was $10 more), and found out that I had high blood pressure. I stopped using it after a week or so, and now I don’t worry about my blood pressure. Cavewoot emptar



Not exact, but similar…


how accurate is this ? how reliable is it ?


Wow… about a year ago I would’ve been all over this thing. Oh well… I don’t got the time to work out like I used to… :frowning:


Anyone use this brand? Accuracy?


tell you when the stroke happening


Does this do anything else? I’d spring if it were also a pedometer perhaps :confused:


Is Woot! trying to solve our life problems? First a vacuum, then a leak detector, then a blood pressure monitor. Are you guys saying that we’re living an unhealthy, slovenly, leak-prone lifestyle?


I have one similar to this but bought it at a store instead. My BP is so low that I don’t worry about high BP. But they are pretty accurate.


These things are easily accurate to within 40 mmHg. Great stocking stuffers for Aunt Mabel and Uncle Festus.


I get high blood pressure when I ride in the car with a female driver :frowning: I got tested right afterwards once… Should I get one wooters?


Be careful about the arm size. If you have larger arms don’t presume that the band will fit unless it gives you a measurement.