Mark of Fitness WS-820Q Blood Pressure Monitor

Mark of Fitness WS-820Q Blood Pressure Monitor
$19.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Mark of Fitness Blood Pressure Monitor with Irregular Heartbeat Detection - WS-820Q

Here is the blog from last time this was offered, December 19, 2005:

… maybe i should get one for my grandparents

It’s back.
Got one the last time.
I use it and it works great. Just don’t move. This is a good woot! GO FOR IT!

I would…


Im healthy and donyt have and issues… so…

good night.

I better get one of these – I feel my blood pressure rising after a long, dry woot spell. Will MediCare/Caid cover these?

Wristwatch style BPMs are not that accurate, IMHO.

Bought this last time around - very nice device!! Accurate and consistent - recommended!!

wow who says it doesn’t pay to have high blood preasure wish i needed one of these

Hmmm…I hope I don’t need this. I might be in denial though.

does this work accurately?

if i cared about fitness would i be up at 1 in the morning waiting for a good deal on woot?

I should get me one of these to monitor myself while I am pressing refresh and waiting forever for the page to load…

Does this measure heart rate too?

Yet another re-woot

Is this a wrist model or an upper arm thingy??

Remember everyone this is not just for old men. For example you could be someone whom is not over weight, eats right, works out and all that stuff, yet has had high blood pressure since the age of 13 for no reason any test could find out. Now im 20 and I bought this last time and love it. It makes for a quick check durring the day and helps me see that my meds are doing the trick. High blood pressure can happen to anyone. Its not a problem for “Old men”

Now as far as to how well it works. My uncle and I tested it on a few family members at christmas just because he is a medic and has one of the old school hand pump ones that they swear by. So we tested it on myself, my grandmother, my mom, my brother, his daughter and his wife. Each time it was within just a few points. The key to this though was making sure it was on right. If you dont put it on the inside of your wrist, it wont work right or if you put it in the wrong place it will be totally off. All in all its good for the average person and will work for a medic in a pinch if its all they have.

i may need this as my blood pressure is rising just waiting for a GOOD woot!

Hmm… might be good presents for older relatives.

How can this be good?? It ain’t refurbished.
But it has a great price…Maybe it will sell out.
/Will it detect refurbished blood pressure?