Mark of Fitness WS-820Q Blood Pressure Monitor

Not bad!
$29 to $39 on eBAY without shipping

Could not find it on Froogle

I made fun of this woot last time it was around, and then all the old people on the internet came out of the woodwork and started bitching at all the young whippersnappers and then it sold out to my surprise. I guess old people woot too…

I could be wrong, but I think you have said this before. Don’t bother us with irritating spam bombs

sweet… ive been meaning to pick a new one of these up… ours died recently and I need one to keep an eye on my hypertension.

I had to use it today. Got light headed. Was about to call 911. Check the blood pressure! It was out of range. Then I remembered…I didn’t bet the grand on the SeaHawks! Blood pressure magically came back 118/80. AAHHHH! I live for another woot!

Neat little thing. I have a heart problem (im only 18 years old I swear!) and I could use this if I think my heart is beating wrong. Duno about fitness though. Ill take one :slight_smile:

WOOHOO…just the way I want to celebrate the Steeler’s victory…a Blood Pressure Monitor. Way to take advantage of a marketing opportunity woot…a Blood Pressure Monitor. Brilliant.

Yes we do!

This is such a beautiful piece of Wootness! I bought it last time, and it sits right here by my computer where I can use it often - especially when checking out my bodily reaction to the various Woot offerings!

It really is worth the money, is user friendly, and unless you wear it to formal dinners next to your wrist watch - no one has to know!!!

If I hadn’t bought three last time, I would buy one this time!!!

Go to the free ones in the grocery or drug stores they are very accurate

You are a day late. I bought a manual one at Fry’s on Saturday for $4.99 after MIR. Looking at the prices of the automatic ones, this is a great deal, no need to pump it up.

I’ve had 9 woots and not a problem. nuff said

Liked the dc-talk reference… night!

I was diagnosed even younger then that, around 10, and in perfect health (otherwise) and good physical shape. Ive had to take several medications twice a day every day since… So yea, its deffinatly not just for the old and overwieght.

I’m weeping wight now. I’m begging for a Wideo Card pwease.

I got this the last time around and works wonderfully… good woot.

Bought one the last time, works great. Handy little storage container, too.

would rather ignore the people who say that wrist ones are unreliable, though.

amazon and manufacturer

I should have never told my wife about w00t - now she is a damn owl - i’m being forced to buy this thing for her parents!

Excellent deal. These things run $60 at places like sam’s club and the like. I shopped for them a while back. Froogle search shows $50+ best price and one used one for $35. I’m in for 3. One for me and two gifts. Thanks yet again woot.


All the whiners need to step off. Blood pressure is a serious thing and will KILL you if you don’t know about it, and there are NO warning signs. Checking your own pressure regularly is VERY important. Plus, the AMA states that approximately 60% of americans, yes 60, have borderline high to high blood pressure and require strict diets or medication to control it.

Just because your whiney butt does not want one make this woot suck. I submit that it is you that sucks.

Rock on woot!

Just bought another one. I am an old fart and up very late. The Depends are still dry, but after reading some of the sh… from you youngons, that may need to be changed soon.

These things are a life saver. If you have even the slightest hint of high blood pressure you better at least get you blood pressure taken. These things are accurate enough for daily use

Thanks for a great Woot!