Marley Coffee 5 Pack with Ziggy Marley CD

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Marley Coffee 5 Pack with Ziggy Marley CD
$44.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: buzzed
1 12 oz bag Mystic Morning
1 12 oz bag Jammin Java
1 12 oz bag One Love
1 12 oz bag Lively up Espresso
1 12 oz bag Simmer Down Decaf
1 Family Time Ziggy Marley CD

Hey, I guess you can be buzzed when this shows up & still get it delivered!

Here’s an album review:

I have it and i like it.

One more review: One more review!


anyone have an experience with this coffee?

lol, simmer down leaf.

Does this store well?

I found a review.

My Mom really likes Bob Marley I wonder if she would like his son’s coffee?

coffee? yeah, right!

sprinkle some on to the rolling paper, mon, and wake up and smoke the coffee.

is this kosher?

Wait a minute … aren’t you the one to ask if it is kosher? :wink:

Anyone know if this is whole bean or ground? Would love to see more reviews… hard to tell if this is more than just an elaborate licensing arrangement, since it seems from their Web site that most of the coffee isn’t grown in Jamaica, despite the location of the farm there.

I hope this is top notch, no middies here.

Anybody know what ‘Ethically Grown’ means?

is that just the new marketing word for ‘fair-trade’ with out the expensive certification process?

It’s whole bean, per the website.

45 bucks on coffee… 99cents at the Holiday gas station… lol… im a college student… as much as I love coffee, just cant afford this, as much as I really wanna! :slight_smile:

As far as I know, all non-flavored coffee do not need hashgacha.

I would not call that a neutral review. It read more like an advertisement.