Marmot Limestone 4-Person Tent

Marmot Limestone 4-Person Tent

Sadly, it looks like your description is wrong. You’re describing the newer version, but selling the 2014 model.

Description says 2 doors (1 D, and 1 Double-D), but there appears to be only a single D on the one listed.

You’re right. There’s only one D-shaped door and we will update the description. Thank you for letting us know!

This is an excellent deal on a very good two person tent.

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This year, 4 year old tent, 2 person, 4 person. Woot, getting hard to believe what’s real or fake news.

It’s a 4 person. :slight_smile:

Yes, but in the real world I always deduct two. Gear, midnight bathroom passage, you get the idea.

Well, yeah. If you want to be comfortable, it’s probably a 2 person tent. If you’re hiking, you’re probably not carrying a lot of gear? I don’t know. My idea of roughing it is a Motel 6.

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I thought motels are a myth that Freddy Krueger tells his children.

Depends on 1-door vs. 2 door for me. If you have 2 doors, it’s a bit better since you also usually have twice the vestibule space. I have a Limelight 4p, which is okay for 3, and a Tungsten 2p which is fine for 2. If the Tungsten didn’t have double doors, it’d be more of a 1p.

At almost 12 lbs, this Limestone is pretty heavy even for a 4p, but it’s a decent car camping tent for the price. Marmot makes solid equipment that goes up easy. I can set my Limelight 4p up in less than 5 minutes (including stakeout) by myself.

Does this include the footprint?