Maroon Napa Valley Chardonnay (4)

Maroon Napa Valley Chardonnay 4-Pack
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2013 Maroon Chardonnay, Cathartes Vineyard, Oak Knoll District, Napa Valley

According to the winemaker this wine is already past its prime.

Their website says drink thru 2017 not 2016 that the copy says. (?)


I was invited to taste a preview bottle of the Maroon Napa Valley Chardonnay. Underwhelming would be an understatement. There was virtually no nose to speak of. Through repeated tries I did get just a slight hint of citrus. It was not much better on the palate. The best descriptors my wife and I could come up with (after struggling) were grapefruit peel with chemical overtones. Since our tastes our fairly developed, we decided to get the opinions of a couple of family members who have, shall we say, less sophisticated palates. They did not care for this wine either. We will probably cook with the rest of the bottle. I have had much better wines from Woot at a lower price.

2017 is correct. Our listing has been updated.


This was the second golden ticket we received on this go-around. I am not usually a white wine drinker, although my wife is so I would consider her palate more attuned to this Chardonnay. Chilled in wine cooler for a day before opening and upon first pour, we both found the color to be quite pale for a California Chardonnay. Not much on the nose although after a few swirls I thought perhaps a touch of lemon but not much else. Upon first taste, my wife said that she thought it was smooth but bland and unexciting. My first taste found the wine to be fairly dry and I couldn’t quite isolate and recognizable flavors. Both the body and finish were medium. I thought this tasted like a fairly average Chardonnay although my wife felt it was below average. Unfortunately, we will have to take a pass on this one.

Thanks to DH for pinch hitting for me with tasting notes (and his first Quality Post!). Wish they could have been better. Came here to see if I could add anything after a very long day, but it looks like Woot pulled the sale.