Maroon Reserve Napa Cabernet Sauvignon (2)

Ahhh, the Golden Ticket. my second, arrived on Wednesday with a bottle of
** 2011 Maroon Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Maroon Vineyard**

I like cabs, perhaps not as much as our until recently MIA “Cab says Fred” but enough to have attended the 2012 ww/rpm tour that was pretty amazing and eye opening.

Took this to work today to get some additional opinions from both known and trusted palates, here at work, as well as some newer casual consumers. We used both the DeLong tasting sheet as well as the UC Davis 20 point sheet, with a Wine Folly aroma wheel, as I couldn’t locate my offical Ann Noble Aroma Wheel I received on tour.

The bottle was chilled to ~12C and decanted into a standard wide base decanter at 15:30, informal tasting began around 17:00 and continued until ~20:00, as a total of four male and three female participants (all red wine drinkers) drifted by following work; the wine had warmed to ~19C.

TLDR Summary: all liked/enjoyed this and agreed it was a solid bottle and should have a broad appeal to a variety of palates. All generally found abundant, yet reserved red and dark fruits, moderate aroma initially enhanced with warming temperature, clear but not brilliant medium to deep garnet color, good acidity with balanced tannins and medium finish and should be appreciated by all but the most snobbish.

Using Delong…
Color Depth: medium to dark, clustered around medium-dark
Hue: dark ruby to dark garnet
Clarity: clear
Aroma: moderate
Development: skewed to youthful, with a single some-age
Dry/sweet: dry
Body: all medium
Acidity: tart to fresh
Tannins: medium; soft to dry
Balance:skewed to good, with a single fair
Flavor Intensity: Moderate, with one each low and flavorful
Finish: medium to long
‘Star’ ratings varied from 2.5 to 5 averaging 3.36.

Comments on aromas: dry and black fruits; plum, boysenberry with unripe black current; sour cherry (2); hint of cigar box or smoke
Comments on flavors: plum, boysenberry with unripe black current; unripe plum, blackberry and red fruits; plum, date and unripe blueberry, sour cherry.

Using UCD:
Two used the UCD system and they scored 13.25 and 13.5.
Clarity: 1.5 & 1.25
Color: 2.0 & 2.0
Bouquet:3.0 & 2.5
TA: 1.0 & 1.0
Sweetness: 1.0 & .75
Body: 1.0 & 1.5
Flavor: 1.5 & 1
Acescensy: 1.0 & .5
Astringency: 0.5 & 1
Overall Quality: 1.0 & 1.5

Additional comments and personal notes:
As this was received the day before tasting, clarity suffered, it was not brilliant and barely bright. Earlier delivery likely would have improved this and possible other characteristics.
I like cabs and prefer aged ones. I’m not at all fond of the “Parkerized” style; and this, fortunately, is not one of those. I found it difficult to tease out specific aromas and flavors coming up mostly with sour and black cherry, black currents and dates as primary aromas and tastes with minimal oak and no vanilla. I didn’t detect any, or very little secondary earth or microbial aromas/tastes and no tertiary leather, tobacco or coffee, but this is only six years after vintage. Alcohol was well controlled, and while tart, it still seemed a tad soft and immediately accessible tasted early with the group. Later at home, thru venturi with some Flannery beef and trimmings, it did well and wasn’t overwhelmed and did cleanse the palate. A solid offer, but lacking interesting complexity I’d expect from a pedigreed Napa CS, that left me wanting a bit more.

A bit was retained for a second nibble at the grape tomorrow…

Thanks to WD and the WCC crew for the opportunity to


the bottle

Maroon Reserve Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2-Pack
Sold by: Maroon Winery
$69.99 $175.00 60% off List Price
2011 Maroon Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Coombsville, Napa Valley

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Hope this was a nice one to rat.

Loooong notes?

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yeah, kinda, didn’t get home from work till nearly 21:00.
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Does anyone else think its funny that this Reserve is twice the price of the Signature Reserve currently for sale on WootPlus?

Yes, I understand that they’re a different year and composition, just at a glance I had a wtff moment.

Correct, single vineyard estate cabernet vs a multi-vineyard sourced merlot

Looks like the same wine is available at Invino for $34.99 per bottle, plus $10.00 shipping.

Thanks for thorough and informative notes.

FYI Fred is no longer MIA, as he posted last week in the Rockus Bockus plus deal thread.

Well, I’ll be…
Totally missed that one.

The very last post in the comments for the Meritage gives me pause. That comment has been there 2-3 days and the winery hasn’t posted a thing.

How do we know this offering isn’t just more of their crap being dumped on Woot? Winery input sure would be helpful here.

Maroon wines generally have a good rep, not counting the Meritage on the other page. I suspect it’s more a matter of dumping some 2011s because it was not a good vintage. Doesn’t mean it’s a bad wine as RJ’s notes attest but people are hesitant to pay full price for 2011 vintage wines from CA.

Looks like Invino has a better deal than Woot though, 3 for $99.99 with free shipping. Also, Invino’s refrigerated shipping goes to your local hub instead of being dropped off in St. Louis or NY to travel up to hundreds of miles unprotected on the final leg, for those of us in the Eastern 2/3 of the country. If you’re on the left coast there is probably no appreciable difference in shipping quality.

this price check did not come up in our research. stand by.

Looks like they are now “out of stock” on the 3-packs but are still offering individual bottles for $34.99 w/free shipping on 3 or more. So $104.97 instead of $99.99.

We all liked this, period. One, newer taster, thought it was one of the top CS’s he’s had (not many). Two of the experienced tasters thought it absolutely a quality bottle, if a bit austere; and that’s not a bad thing at all. It doesn’t slap you funny in the face with fruit and sugar.

I’m looking forward to finishing off the remainder, that I left un-preserved in any way in the fridge, tonight to see how it may evolve with some additional air time.

At no time during the tasting did we look at any reviews or discuss pricing, be it winery or from other sites, or discuss qpr, as we had no idea what the woot tariff would be.

Perhaps we should have, but tasters drifted in and out, it wasn’t an all at once event where we discussed what we were tasting, but more independent with no shared suggestions.

And hey, mill was first sucker…

Hey guys, we dropped the price of this wine! Those who had already purchased it at the higher price will be refunded the difference shortly. Thanks y’all!

Damn straight!