Maroon Reserve Napa Cabernet Sauvignon (2)

My wording was a little awkward. I was trying to say that just because it’s a 2011 doesn’t mean it’s a bad wine and that your (favorable) notes attest to that. :slight_smile:

And I was trying to emphasize we all liked it. That got a bit lost in last nights’ posting.

And the price adjustment sure helps out the QPR of the offer.

(TT off today?)

FWIW, IIRC WTSO (acronym’s are free today?) used to offer this winery, touting it as a source of grapes for Phelps Insignia. Had the chance to meet the winemaker for Phelps and she did confirm they sourced grapes from Maroon. This was 5-7 years ago so not sure that is still the case. A long winded way of saying that this producer has some chops. Um, YMMV and I am not busting my SIWBM so as to keep SWMBO happy. TTFN!

Yes, I was off most of the day and the wonderful manlapig filled in for me. :slight_smile: