Marpac Hushh Portable Noise Machine

Marpac Hushh Portable Noise Machine

I see I must be the first and only sucker to order this machine. It arrived today, which I must say, Woot, is the damn fastest shipping I’ve ever seen!

This little machine is perfect. I do not have babies that need to be Hushed, but I do sleep with a white noise machine every night. I had been looking for one to travel with and this is exactly what I needed.

100% happy! Thanks, Woot!

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Noise machine? Is this to make you feel like you’re married?

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Yes, with children and a dog.


How effective is this thing to help sleep through a snoring spouse’s gentle roar?

What machine do you use at home?

I have a very old Norelco that will not die.

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Wow. Must have some really basic noise choices.

I have one that has like a dozen sounds… My favorite is the sound of trains…

It has 6 choices. All I really need is the ocean.