Mars 380Pc Candy Variety Bag, Your Choice

Mars 380Pc Candy Variety Bag, Your Choice

If it arrives melted, I send it back.


Shouldn’t unsold Easter candy be a bit cheaper than this?


Just what everyone needs right now when we’re in a stay at home lockdown and not as active as we were when we were going to work each day.

Perfect timing, what with Easter fast approaching and all.

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It is much cheaper if you head to Walmart - exact same bag $5 (in stock at the time of posting at my local store)


I see $24.98
Delivery not available
Pickup not available

I’m guessing it depends on your location.

Shipping not available. I would rather pay a little more so I didn’t have to go to Walmart


Yeah, go get your cheap candy in person and get a free side of 'rona while you’re there.


Hey, they have stickers on the floor to keep people away from you. And the rona is low on my list to worry about when I go to Walmart. Lol


It’s not like anyone is going to ship Corona along with a bag of diabetes.


Speak for yourself, I’m still working 42 hours a week, everyone I know is still working full time uninterrupted.


Actually, I am speaking for millions of American workers. You must not know very many people if you do not know anyone who has been laid off by the pandemic.

Personally, I have been off since the third week in March and I’m loving it. I am a thrifty individual who actually saves a bit of the money I earn each week. I could easily go until next year without tapping into any of my retirement nest egg.

If you’re still working 42 hours a week, so be it. I guess somebody has to do it.

Most I can do is 6.99

$6.24 at a Walmart near me. Only 2 in stock.