Marshall Law

I don’t get it. Is this supposed to be Fallout?

I’m liking the southern accent bonus.

Ok, Walking Dead + ???

Yes folks, it appears to be a fallout and walk dead mashup.

Nice looking shirt and good win, Loco Robo Co!

Fallout pipboy

Walking Dead

What’s with the smiling faces?

Finally! Another Fallout cross over shirt! Instant buy. I still get compliments every time I wear my Fallout/Monty Python shirt :slight_smile:

okay… I get the fallout theme. But where does “Marshall” with two Ls come from? It’s “Martial Law” and “U.S. Marshal”

So is it referencing someone named Marshall? Or did someone see an advertisement for the department store?

I thought I saw a little “Justified” there in that Southern accent.

I LOVE this, but why do all the awesome shirts have to be in black? I hate black tees.

I think they are hinting to the walking dead ‘ricktatorship’ but can’t use those exact words legally or just wanted to be different some way, great mashup dude.

This shirt had a 50% hit chance yet still got a critical damage headshot.

A shirt cannot be awesome unless it is black.

I want to love this, since it is Fallout & Walking Dead… but… a full black shirt with a giant greenish square on my chest… meh, pass.

I got really excited when I opened the email and the title “Marshall Law” popped up before the pic did because I thought it was a Tekken shirt. Then the pic loaded and was like, “oh, that’s not Tekken related at all, but it’s good though.” After all, I did love me some fallout in years back.

It may be a stretch, but I think the “Marshall, marshall, marshall” is referring to the Brady Bunch, a la the quickly-viral Superbowl ad:

The chick with the sword is being a little suggestive, no?

Awesome mashup

And the best part is you can tell by her face that she’s really amused by herself and her immature joke.

Suggestive… of the movie Seven? (shivers)