Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker

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Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker
Price: $229.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Nov 18 to Monday, Nov 23) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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“Why is Woot selling a box of Kleenex?”


A box of Kleenex that sings!

These are the best sounding Bluetooth speaker I’ve heard. I was testing a bunch of them a year or so ago and this one blew me away.

These are $285 on Amazon btw.

Mine goes up to eleven.

New at $240 on eBay w/free ship

yeah, eBay seller claims these come in a BROWN Box. These are probably the identical product Woot is offering since Woot’s deal also includes a 1yr. Warranty. I’m guessing Woot’s just honest and selling it for what they are…

I agree, these have fantastic sound! The downside is they are very heavy, and they plug in. So this item is not one of those portable blue tooth speakers … But the sound is worth every penny.

My wife bought me one for our anniversary (have the white/cream one). Looks and sounds fantastic. We use it out by the pool in the summer. It’s always a hit with friends who have never seen one. Don’t think I’ve ever had the volume above the 6 or 7 mark, plenty of punch. Connects pretty easily to your phone.

Lol, props for the #SpinalTap reference!

Even though I already have a half dozen nice sounding speakers and have absolutely no need for this, I want it really bad. My wife would kill me. My main worry would be the condition of the speaker since its a return. I would want any scratches or damage. This thing is so beautiful.

They sell these in Sam’s club for$200 new.
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Considering how Marshall amps tend to add a lot of “crunch” to the guitar, does it mean that this speaker will have distortion, fuzz, and other enhanced sonic additions?

It was $200 (actually 199) when I visited.
Only sold in club.
Visit your local club for pricing.

Below is an ad (scroll towards the very end) from July that also mentions it for $199, but I was just there a few days ago and saw it for $199

I have to say, I wish I’d known about this before. Still a solid deal, but I wonder if Woot will do anything about this price.

I actually went to SAMs before I ordered this. I found the item in stock. However, the speaker is not the same model. The one I saw is called the ACTION. It was selling for $149.95. On Marshall’s web site this ACTION version has a battery (confirmed on box), is smaller and has less power/speakers. This is why I went ahead with the WOOT purchase.


EDIT: Woot graciously offered me a credit for the power cord issue. For anyone else with this issue, I would note that a working replacement cord can be found on the mothership:

Mine showed up today… With the wrong power cable. The speaker requires a power cord with 2 rounded ends, but the one in the box has a squared off end.

I wish I could report on the product, but it showed up unusable.