Marshmallow Burster

This is too funny. Also, sweet mix of colors.

“Oh no…not again!!!”


This is… a little weird.

He didn’t even hear a peep.

Sadly, I have to agree.

Love the shirt and would be buying it-- but I have friends who would not interpret this design in the way that it’s intended to be. Reluctantly have to pass on this one.

I’m not sure what the intended message is???
Could somebody explain?
Didn’t even know it was a tshirt until I clicked on the item.
I realize that your sales/marketing people try to inflect humor into your advertising, but sometimes it’s just a little too strange!
I wish you could offer straight, concise descriptions and then have your humorous descriptions along side of the true meaning.

Rebirth, finally a shirt that captures the true spirit of Easter. :smiley:

The scene from Alien -

The scene from Spaceballs -

I disagree. I love the humor. Are you new to Woot?