Marshmallow Fun

I keep trying to order but the site keeps crashing on me. I also tried to send a support message but i keep getting an error there as well. Have tried from different browsers and two different networks with no success.

Sorry for the trouble, things should be working again, though.

it still doesnt

Seems like a great way to eat marshmallows!

woot !!! every time i try to order any of the marshmallow guns, it takes me to the order page then asks for my birthdate as i must be 21 to order WINE… I am 49 & PISSED that i cant get a marshmallow shooter…please fix it…thanks !!

Sorry for the delayed response.

We’re not seeing any particular issues on this end. What browser are you using?

I recommend logging out and logging back in. You might also try using another internet browser.

Poor reviews on amazon.Does anyone know if these things work?

I hope these marshmallows are getting eaten. Such a waste of a major food group.

I have one and it works fairly well. I’m not sure why they’re offering a dual package other than for gifting it to two different people, though. You have to use both hands on one gun in order to pump it forward then back to shoot the marshmallows.

I’ve heard issues with marshmallows drying out and causing the device to “stick” a lot more, so be sure to use fresh marshmallows. Also, be sure to clean the barrel after at least every other use. (By this, I mean, don’t go through five different “magazines” of marshmallows, then leave it in your closet for a week or two. You don’t need to clean it each time you shoot it.) Otherwise, the sugar/stickiness will start to build up and it will definitely start to malfunction.

Also, be sure to load the marshmallows with the flat side down (towards the flat side of the cylinder) as best you can. Sometimes they flip around, but it’s pretty easy to load. Just pop off the tube, load the marshmallows in, then pop it back into the gun.

Otherwise, they’re pretty fun and make a pretty loud “pop” when you shoot each one. It’s not powerful enough to hurt, but it does get some distance.

Do these use regular size marshmallows or the little mini ones? Just want to be sure I have plenty of “ammo” on hand come Christmas day. Plan to get enough for each family member to have one. Let the games begin!

The limit of 3 per customer on these, “For Family Fun” Well, I have a Family of 7! I want it to be fair and have us all have the same shooter! Please don’t say family fun when you won’t even allow me to get enough for my family! I really want to get these for the family for Christmas! Please release the quantity limit for family items. Typical family size is a family of four! I need at least 7 of these and would like spares! Please Help!

I solved this same problem by getting the male family members the standard red and blue one and the female members the peace sign, cheetah, and zebra models. All the same gun but with different cosmetic appearance. Or you can get 3 of the 2 pack and one of the standard. 6 plus one is 7 of the same gun. Hope that helped :slight_smile:

need 6 camo double barrel’s. I am the only female out of 7. lol…All the boys are going to want the camo double barrels. But only allowed to purchase 3. I need 6 camo style double barrels… Otherwise, it’s not worth the arguments of who has a better one.

Do you have a couple good friends or neighbors that could place orders for you?

Not worth it for me. If Woot didn’t have the 3 quantity limit I would have bought 10. So I had spares for friends and neighbors and friends along with my family of 7. Their loss. I can go to the company WEBSITE AND BUY ALL I NEED. If I really wanted these items. Woots loss, not mine. Just don’t call it family fun, when you won’t allow us to buy one for our whole family. 3 guns in a family of 7 is no fun at all!

just create a couple different accounts. i think you’ll have to use a different credit card for each though

If you’re gonna put marshmallows (or anything else really small) in the microwave, put in a glass of water too, as a target to soak up the energy the marshmallow doesn’t absorb. Not doing so will shorten the magnetron’s life, perhaps catastrophically. (Look up Standing Wave Ratio, SWR, for details.)

Sorry I just don’t feel like I should have to go out of my way. If they want my business. Want my purchase, Woot needs to make the effort not me.

camo menace only 7.95 at amazon (less after shipping), but only 1 left.