Marshmallow Fun

trust me i totally agreee with you.
especially when half the stuff on here anymore can be had for the same price or cheaper somewhere else.

Say I get both kids one of these and maybe one for me too. We tear it up in the back yard blasting each other. Now there’s marshmallows all over the yard. What do I do with them? I think they would jam up my leaf vacuum. Don’t think I’d leave them there in case they attracted a the largest herd of ants you’ve ever seen. What to do?

My dog will eat them all whether in the house or yard. Get a dog! lol

Marshmallow Fun Camo Bow and Mallow came in the mail today (was a Cyber Deals Week order from Amazon).

May I mention that the the picture for that bow is wrong, lol. I know it was pretty hard to assemble it as well, I thought I was going to snap the darn thing on my leg cause you have to bend it a ton just to get the string through the holes on each end of the bow (start from the bottom first).

So far I’ve lost about 20-40 marshmallows somewhere in this house. But nonetheless it’s fun for myself shooting around and the insect/rodents that finds the marshmallows.

I’m really debating on getting the Crossbow version of it now since you guys got it here in stock and Amazon doesn’t.

Does anybody know if the little handguns hold the same launch power as the larger models? Will they get the same distance? Are they single shot or multiple in a “magazine”?