Marshmallow Popper

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Marshmallow Popper
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Idea Village Marshmallow Popper

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New Marshmallow Popper, for $4.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Idea Village Marshmallow Popper

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I totally didn’t need this but purchased anyways!

sweet the perfect weapon are marshmallows included

does this work with toasted marshmallows?


YIPPEE!!! I’M #1!!!

SWEET!!! My son has been dying for one of these. They are $20 for 1 in the store, I just got 3 for $20. WOOT!!!

Best thing ever. Now I can feed my invalid wife without getting within reach of her claws! If only it fired small children too…

you spoiled kids, back in my day we made these with PVC pipe and shot them with the power of our lungs

I got a marshmallow shooter for my friend’s birthday last year, but it wasn’t this same brand. Still, the one I got him works pretty well - only problem was that sometimes the marshmallows got a little stuck in the barrel. Fun gift though =D

A friend of mine got one of these as a joke gift last year and she ended up loving it more than any real gift she could’ve had. Something’s just fun about shooting marshmellows at your friends. Here’s an amazon link…

damn you … I almost purchased from the email. BUT now I know need these. Mini- marshmellows anyone. Yes thes also work with foam.

Got 3. Marshmallow war on Christmas!!!

umm . . . if they included some marshmallows, maybe . . .

how many fps does this shoot?

This may be my favorite Woot! write up for a product yet.

Hmm… this could b much fun as the holiday are coming… plus always could use it to keep the cat out of the xmas tree…haha

okay, in for 3. make nice gifts for my brother and his best friend, so they can shoot at each other.

They enjoy that. It’s a guy thing

Think I’ll stay(puft) away from this one. Violence+calories are a bad combination. (Freeze the 'mallows…they go further, don’t jam, and leave welts…an old paintball trick.)