Martian mVoice Alpha Smartwatch w/ Alexa

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Martian mVoice Alpha Smartwatch w/ Alexa
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Martian is shutting down so I couldnt recommend buying these watches.

These should be considered no warranty as the company has ceased operations. Why are these even being offered?

Because these might work out ok and some of us aren’t risk averse.

Thank you for the advice, almost pulled the trigger.

I really need to know the time on Neptune. Will these do the trick?

purchased one of these from a month ago. it failed out of the box and would not charge after 3 days the LED was solid red and the watch would not turn on. I asked for a refund or replacement. they refunded right away. I forgot about it for a week, I mean completely (walked away and left it on the charger for 2 weeks). Noticed at some point the light had turned green. The watch sort of works now, still flakey. the bluetooth disconnects a lot even when only a foot or two away from my iPhone. I’m glad I got my money back. I do use the hands free calling feature. Volume level is good when it works.

Posted on androidpolice dot com 3 days ago :
Martian Watches is a wearables company founded in 2007, most known for its mVoice line of hybrid smartwatches. We reviewed the original mVoice in early 2017, and later that year, the company launched a Kickstarter for the second-gen model. Unfortunately, Martian is now shutting down, after it failed to raise enough funds to complete production of the mVoice G2.
Martian published an update to G2 backers yesterday, and reader Dan has kindly provided us with the text:
Dear Backers,
As we advised in this last update, it is with great sadness and regret that we have decided that we have no other choice but to shut down operations and close the company. We truly believed, as did you, that we had a great project in the Martian Watches brand and we were very close to completion in order to distribute the Martian G2 watches. Through Kickstarter, we were able to raise over $276,766 after deduction for certain fees toward the G2 project. We used those funds t

Review by Androidpolice :
Conclusion of review :
I said at the top of this review that I love watches. I am also a huge fan of smartwatches, rare as we seem to be these days. The concept of the so-called hybrid smartwatch is exciting to a watch fan — classic styling with basic notifications and the like. But I have not seen a good one yet, which is saddening.
Martian certainly tried with the mVoice line and I give the company props for that. There’s a lot going on in these clunky things. However, in trying to do too much, the only thing that these watches do well is tell the time (which is a huge plus). Alexa feels clunky and the notifications can create more problems than they solve, which makes the battery suffer. Luckily, when it dies, you’re still left with a timepiece.
The overall build quality and design are not what I would expect from a $200 watch, regardless of whether it’s traditional, hybrid, or smart. I mean, we had the Asus ZenWatch 2 that started at $130 and it was a full-fledged Android Wear device.

I like the idea behind the mVoice… I really do. I just don’t think it’s ready yet. Maybe some of the issues can be fixed in a software update, but I am not holding my breath.

I joined the mVoice G2 Campaign. Got my watch, which many didn’t. Worked pretty well butter right charger now. Only works as a standard watch intl battery does. No support. In the meantime. Saw a deal on original mVoice so i picked it up. I guess it’ll be on until i need support. Nor sure if it requires online site to run. If so, I expect it will be dead soon.

I have 2 Martian mVoice watches and both work well and are fun additions to my watch collection. Ordering one of these today just for another look. Watches are fun and practical to me and for so little money I figure I’ll get plenty of use out of it. Sorry to see the Company is no more though.

This watch worked for about 2 weeks, battery dead…woot is selling mostly junk now, what happened to you my old friend???

Apologies! Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.