Martian mVoice Smartwatch w/ Alexa

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Martian mVoice Smartwatch w/ Alexa
Price: $69.99
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Will this work with the new iPhone 10?

Description of the last two images should be flip-flopped? Last image orange face black strap, clearly it’s brown strap on the picture…

I almost pulled the trigger, good reviews, etc. But according to the companies website, these are all discontinued.

Probably due to their mvoice g2 on kickstarter. Est shipping April or may 2018

Yeah, but it’s also only $70. A good price for someone who just wants to experiment with a smartwatch.

Doesn’t look like it. Here’s the Martian Site.

Black Dial/ Black Strap

Black Dial / Brown Strap

I am having a hard time figuring out how this watch is smart.
I think a Gear S2 would be where I’d dip my toes into the market for cheap.

Are people really out there making calls from there watches(which this one doesn’t)? I’ve had a Gear S3 a long while and have made 0 calls except to see that it works.

I have the original Notifier, and still use it with both iOS and Android. I can’t speak to the mVoice, but they’ve pretty much worked bugs out of the phone app and it doesn’t really require any on-line services for core functionality. I’m not expecting updates, but so far I haven’t really needed any.

If it were a phone, I might have more concern about an end-of-life product (if the mVoice is, which isn’t clear). For these, as someone else said, it’s an affordable chance to investigate how one might live with a smart watch.

As an aside, I also like how they have managed power budgets on their watches. The hybrid design isn’t as flexible as a rendered face from a user interface perspective but there is something to be said for having a physical place on which to paint “lume” that lets one tell time without having to light up a display and drain battery.

I don’t know if the mVoice app uses the same notification management UX as the Notifier app, but I believe it does. For Android users in particular, their first app allows pretty easy unique assignment of vibration codes to particular applications and notifications. I have found that useful because notification overload on Android is real.

Simple question- does the watch time automatically synch to time zone as I travel?

$50 all inclusive on eBay. New.