Martian mVoice Smartwatch w/ Alexa

Text description in the bottom left of the picture for PTL01, and also in the Color dropdown selection it says “Black w/ Oragnce Face, Black band” whereas if you look at the picture itself, it is actually shown with Brown Band. Same goes for PTL02. Looks like these got mislabeled. Can we fix this and confirm the correct band color on these watches please?!?!
I want to place an order but I’m not confident of what I’ll get due to this incorrect description/labeling/color options.

It’s correct. Martian calls it black resin.

I really am enjoying this watch. Speaker is ok. While driving sometimes it’s hard to hear. The notification display is great. It feels a bit cheap, but for $70 what can you expect?
I would repurchase.

Does this watch that uses Alexa, from Amazon, link up with Amazon Fire Phone?

It lists compatibility:

• iPhone 7, 7 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5, 5S, 5C
• Android smartphones
• Android tablets
• iOS 9.0 and above
• Android OS 5.0 and above.

I believe the Fire phone is android based?

The pictures actually looked flipped between the two. The one labeled brown is clearly a black band in the picture, the one labeled black is clearly brown in the photo.

Did you look at the photo in the link above?

Cons of this whatch :
It’s a cool design but it the app is outdated ,not all the functions described are working or not working properly.
There’s no such a thing “Find my watch “
There’s no notifications for WhatsApp unless you are navigating trough the app (this mean ok are actually texting to get a notification on your watch ).
Every 5 min you will have on your phone screen a pop up message asking for permission to connect with Martian watch .
All the above mentioned is currently happen on my iPhone SE iOS 11 and above .
There is no firmaware update for the app note the watch .

Pros :
It lets you know when you have a call or a message from your phone after you were alerted from you phone !
That’s the only thing is working for me .

The watch loses connection to my phone even when it’s within 3 feet of the phone. I’ve opened a ticket with Martian’s Technical Support Department on 4/26 and am waiting for a reply.

The “Find my watch” feature is one of the few things that work for me. The only problem is that for it to work, the watch must be within 30 feet of the phone.

Alexa works, but only when the phone is connected to my home wi-fi. It might be that there is some setting somewhere that needs to be changed, but I have yet to find it.

I find myself turning the “smart” part of the watch off when I go out, but that just makes it an expensive analog watch.

I’m glad I didn’t pay Martian’s retail price for this watch, because if I had, I’d be really upset.

Overall (1-10): 4.5

Good entry-level smart watch for getting the feel of their use and (in this instance) limited capabilities.

I personally like the old school analog design and feel.

Design flaw on the cover for the charging port. This is significant enough to return the product. This issue is where the cover often becomes lodged in the port and I have to use a micro driver head to dig and eventually force the rubber cover lose in order to open and charge the device.

The digital screen which displays information is small.

Cannot find a rhyme or reason as to why sometimes the car Bluetooth audio comes through the watch instead of car stereo.