Martian Ranch 2009 Grenache Blanc (3)

Martian Ranch 2009 Grenache Blanc 3-Pack
$41.99 (Normally $66.00) 36% off List Price
2009 Grenache Blanc
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Oddly enough, I just purchased three of these. Unfortunately, this Woot came before the wine arrived, otherwise I would’ve labratted it for you all.

Interested to hear from the winery on this one. I think I remember reading that the winemaker has changed since this 2009 release along with the label and name for this Grenache Blanc.

I am so not a white wine drinker, but this one is calling to me. Peaches, orange blossom, AND apricot? sigh

This is the first instance where woot does not have the best deal. This was just listed on a different site last week at $13 per bottle (which is probably where redwine got it). Shipping is higher than woot but still worked out to a better deal by $2. Sorry woot, not impressed with this one.

Agreed. Two woots here $100.98 delivered, Six bottles the other site $89.18 delivered. My purchase percentages are morphing elsewhere.

I think the bottling date is for the 2011 vintage. Anyhow, I loved the red Grenache they offered on Woot in the spring. If they offer some 2011 rose’ or more reds I’m definitely in!!!

For the people that missed out on the “Other Deal”; any comments that would push me to buy this? It sounds like a lovely summer wine. I did not see much information on if it is sweet/dry/etc. The winery website is almost useless.

Here’s a video tasting for this wine:

good catch. we are on this.


Care to share some hints about the other dealio? Thanks!

no need. see revised.

Wow! WD just “rolled back” prices.

Anybody having trouble buying this? I click on buy and nothing happens. X

Damnit. I love GB and now this is like $15/btl. I’m thinking I’m in on this now. Cory: if you want one…

It appears to be $41.99 now, yes. :slight_smile:

Yes, me too.

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Woohoo! :slight_smile: Thanks.

[Thanks for your help!

I think that is the problem, nothing happens. I click the giant gold button and it seems to reset the webpage. I did get a page timed out error once. I was able to enter two other WOOT deals and buy without issue. One of them the LL Wine Woot deal. It is just this deal that does not bring me to the purchase page.