Martian Ranch Santa Ynez Red



Martian Ranch Santa Ynez Mixed Red 6-Pack
$67.99 $̶1̶6̶3̶.̶0̶0̶ 58% off List Price
2 2009 Martian Ranch Grenache
4 2009 Martian Ranch Syrah, Santa Ynez Valley
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Anyone tried this one before? I’m anxious to stock up on reds, as my cellar (which, here in college, is a crummy Styrofoam box) is running low on wine!

Would love some more reds.


I’m tempted to give it a whirl . . .

previous woot -
(Same wines, different quantities than this woot)


I hate to pass on a Grenache but I’m sorta put off by the whole biodynamic mumbo jumbo they do. I guess if it floats your boat then rock on with it.


Dear Wife did not really like this one last time around, I was Mehhhh about it. Since we did three different reds on the last WO - we’re waiting. Enjoying a Steve Harvey Zin tonight, very nice.


I think he’s hosting the feud now…


You hit that one out of the park.
Scott however would likely not be impressed.

Klez, wanna share one of each?


Ouchhh … Sorry Scott. :slight_smile:


<< Me


Sorry, don’t mean to go off (*is this wine good or bad *) topic, but I will. The 6pk pic of Martian Ranch Santa Ynez Mixed Red reminds me of the t-shirt unveiling scene from the movie Almost Famous. One subject is in focus and the others blurry. And it made me laugh out loud… Hey, it’s late! Just wanted to share. :wink:


I have to pass on this, but I did enjoy reading the description… :slight_smile: How long did it take to type all that backwards?


A review of the Grenache from a website/blog that looks kind of interesting.
Martian Ranch 2009 Santa Ynez Grenache

The 2009 Grenache from Martian Ranch offers a clean, well-balanced, spicy and drying varietal presentation. The wine offers a foundation of red berries, alongside spice, pepper, and surprising smoke elements. The alcohol comes in here at 14%, with a balance of medium acidity and medium tannin showing with a medium finish.

The style here would be distinct from the more recent Martian Ranch wines that Michael Roth has made from 2011 forward.


I bought this last time and was very unimpressed. It was the first grenache I’d ever tried - I didn’t like it at all. I usually like Syrah but I didn’t like this one at all. Would not buy again at any price.


Bought this last time. It was OK but I soon realized I could do better for $12/bottle.


If that lead bottle could talk, it would be declaring its golden Godness.


Interesting comments indeed. As someone else pointed out, these were some of the ‘early’ Martian wines made prior to Mike Roth coming on board, and prior to them having their estate grapes to use.

So all of the ‘mumbo jumbo’ about biodynamic farming, etc is not apropos for these particular bottlings.

For the money, I think they are pretty darned good wines, but YMMV.



I’m not sure I want to try anything that is “a peed, krad tey tnarbiv der roloc”


The first post is usually Cesare with a helpful link to Cellar Tracker reviews. My personal comfort level for when a wine is worth considering is when the rating is at least the upper 80’s. If so, I look at the wine’s characteristics and Woot reviews before purchasing. If there are no Cellar Tracker reviews, I search CT for prior years of that particular wine. If that doesn’t work I search CT on the winemaker and wine type, such as Martian Ranch Winery Syrah, or just Martian Ranch Winery. This gives me a good idea of how the winery is regarded.


Why would that bother you? If it tastes good it tastes good…