Martian Ranch & Vineyard Grenache

Martian Ranch & Vineyard Grenache
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PRODUCT: 3 2009 Martian Ranch Grenache
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pH and oak treatment, please?

One bottle in front and two in the background?

Woot… Come on… You know I would rather have the right side up one in front and the two in the back upside down…

Our photographers live on the wild side. (guy-OH) says "Made in a particularly robust style of rosé, this wine boasts a gorgeous, deep ruby color. On the nose, it offers cherry candy and wild strawberry aromas. It is mouth-filling without being too robust, with berry flavors and a pleasing cranberry bitterness at the back of the palate. Serve with wood-fired pizzas, grilled beef, falafel, fish tacos or just about any other full-bodied summer food.

Sounds nice, but they only give it 14/20 which is “Good”.

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Looks like that review is for the rosé.

I did not find much on this wine.

“…my favorites were the Grenache and Syrah. The Grenache was fragrant, light and delicate. Rather nice and made completely naturally.”

“…great name, nice people, and a really tasty Grenache.”

"This is definitely a wine you can sink your teeth into! Rich, concentrated dark-berry flavors and notes of spices like cloves and cinnamon lead to a bone-dry finish that goes on and on. "

Edit: and another one:
“Martian Vineyard’s 2009 Grenache is a standout, showing dusty berries and cherries on the nose and a very earthy minerality on the palate. At $24, it’s well worth the price.”

Cesare’s link didn’t work for me, but I found the wine here:

2009 Martian Ranch Grenache

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I haven’t tried this one yet, but it’s another Rhone varietal sourced from Camp 4 vineyards in Santa Ynez, so I’m anxious to taste.

Demetria’s Mike Roth recently took on winemaker duties at Martian Ranch, and any place that he’s associated with interests me…

They don’t mention the Martian Ranch, but if you are afraid of Grenache, there’s a lot to like about it as this recent article suggests:

I’m in for a three-pack!

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glad WW didn’t post grape juice for april fools.

And they did!!

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Scott Harvey, 1869.

A Washington wine: 2009 Covington Cellars, Primitivo, Stone Creek Vineyard.

Wow…a Washington Primitivo… How is it? I’m chewing on a glass of 07 Andrew Murray Terra Bella Syrah…