Martin Archery Independence Recurve Bow

The pictures are incorrect for these bows - they depict a bow meant for right-handed shooters. The shelf will be on the opposite side for left handed shooters (hold the bow with the right hand, draw with your left hand).

I’d recommend that Woot update the pictures to depict the actual bows so there’s less confusion!

As some one who does archery regularly during the summer as well, I concur with his statement. Either the text or product picture are dead wrong on these descriptions. If the bow is Left handed as the text says, it should have the shelf on the opposite side. If the text were wrong and it is a right handed bow because you’re holding it in your left hand, well then the picture would be fine but your text is confusing.

Also, if there’s any “beginner’s” out there seriously considering the basic non-mechanical recurves then I recommend you carefully research your draw length in relation to these, and consider how strong you are verses the draw weight. I’m a medium build 5’10.5" male who’s been shooting a few years now, and I only pull back a 37.5# long bow with ~28" draw length.