Maruson Line Interactive UPS Battery Backup

Maruson Line Interactive UPS Battery Backup

Does software work on Windows 10? Disc only shows XP thru 8.

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With win xp-8. That concerns be how old are these things.

Had similar for years. Need to replace. using in office for all electronics. We have power outages all year long…so much appreciated to purchase.

Great question. I just noticed it. will wait to order.

FWIW, if it’s just a matter of your original UPS no longer supplying power during a failure, then the battery(s) inside need to be replaced. That’s usually a cheaper option than an entire new UPS.

Google is hard I know, so here you go:

I just got one of these about a month ago from Newegg, and returned it 2 days later and bought an APC (same rating, but no lcd display, $60 regular price). When this unit is switching to battery power, it doesn’t keep devices powered continuously. There is a brief time where the devices lose power, and then come back online with battery power. This is useless as a “UPS” since it doesn’t remain uninterrupted. Dropping the power even for a half second while switching to battery is not acceptable from a UPS.

Take that as you will, as I may have gotten a defective one, but I have seen other reviews with similar complaints since I returned mine.

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Maruson has an awful reputation. Especially when compared to their competition(APC).

Spend the extra $10-$15 for a comparable APC model. You will not regret it.

What you’ll regret is spending almost as much as an APC unit that doesn’t work as well as an APC unit and has awful support from Maruson.

If it’s so easy, woot should have it in the sale specs.