Marvel Comic Book Canvas Art

Love the avengers symbols. Considering…

Who is the Purple symbol?


Who is the first logo?

Prices went up $10.00 Boo!

But I have 4 of these already and they are awesome!

I remember seeing a discussion about who I think was this vendor with the Banksy Art that they put on Canvas. The issue was that it was a total copy right violation to sell his art on canvas. A lot of wooters frowned on this including me.

Woot- can you provide confirmation?

Are these canvass officially licensed by Marvel, or is this vendor taking the chance to make a quick $ of artwork they do not actually own?

Who is the first one?

It was from i-canvas art, infact the same vendor. Here is the woot page from the previous sale:

I am gonna go with Falcon, but don’t quote me on that…

Yeah, that’s what I want on my wall, a police line-up of every Marvel character. “That’s him! That’s the one who stole my purse, officer! He was 9 feet tall and green!”

It could be, but I’m wondering if it’s supposed to be a loosely based SHIELD icon.

You can buy these at Ross for like 10bucks

I think I know what you’re talking about, but if I remember right those are printed directly on some kind of wood, while these are canvas. Still, it’s a fair point, it’s not like kids are gonna care about what the stuff on their wall is printed on.

who are the two guys on the bottom right inbetween Silver Surfer and Ghost Rider? They’re the only two I don’t recognize.

It is Falcon. The icanvas artists use that logo in another Falcon print -

The big guy is Luke Cage, aka Power Man, and the guy in the helmet is Nova.


You can get the same 40"x 26" canvas over at for $35 cheaper - final cost only $89.50+free shipping

One little caveat - the sale ends today. Use Code JUL50C at checkout for 50% off.

Also, if you sign up for their mailing list you’ll receive a $50 off coupon on orders $150 or more.

The prints on the first page of are a little tacky but it gets good later.

I am actually surprised that, after looking through these prints, I have not impulse purchased anything. I am an X-Men fan and there weren’t too many great prints. There were some really nice Dark Thor prints, though.

Dear Woot, I want the wolverine #7 one in my next bag of crap please and thank you.